Hello there, geeky friends. No, I am not a giant. That product is just really, really small. Marvel Geek with accessorygeeks.com. And this is our 16 gigabyte micro SD card. Now, a lot of people get confused when it comes to micro SD cards. So I’ll give you a quick idea of how they work, their capacity, and stuff like that. The 16 gigabyte is our bestselling model. And, actually, the micro SD card is this little guy right here. This little piece is the actual card. If you’d never actually seen a micro SD card before, there are a lot of these actually in most smart phones today. They generally range anywhere from one gigabyte to 32. Generally, most phones now come with — carry up to about 32 gigabytes and that’s just because there’s really no need for one 32 gigabytes in a phone. But there’s certain models that don’t carry like, for instance, iPhones do not support SD memory. It’s all on the phone itself. So you can see here. This is my always send here. This is my phone. And you can see here on the side, that’s where the little side — a micro SD port. There’s a card in there for my memory. So that’s basically where you put that in. Now, what’s this little piece here? Well, this is the micro SD adapter. So, basically, what this allows us to do is it allows you to plug in into your computer. Now, most laptops and PCs, newer generation I’d say, probably after 2006 or 7, house a micro SD card or with SD card adapter inside it. So, basically, this little piece after you take it out of your phone, you [inaudible] on there. You just go ahead and put that right in the card; fits nice and fine. And this goes into your computer. And once you plug this into your computer, actually, and some TVs will do it, too, you can plug it in and you can view the photos, you can get on the data off there, anything you want. You recorded video, you can do that and then, well, simply, when you’re done with it, you can just go ahead and remove this little piece here. I have problems with this. There we go. It’s a nice snug fit so it doesn’t come out. Well, this is embarrassing. We’re gonna leave that in for now. But that’s basically — it comes out. It’s rather simple. I’m making it look more difficult that it is. But then you just go and play right back into your phone. I actually have a couple of these at home and I don’t have this kind of problem with it, I promise you that. Now, just so you can get a general idea, a 16 gigabyte micro SD card covers roughly, and this is on average, about two thousand music songs, anywhere between two thousand and twenty four hundred photos and about 40 hours of video. That’s just with one card. But then again you have to factor in that there’s different song sizes, different video sizes, and different types of cameras that hold bigger pictures. So a lot of that factors in. But you can get a general idea of what you’re looking at in terms of memory. We have this available on our website. We do have different other sizes of SD cards available. And we have other memory type cards on our website. Definitely, feel free to check it out at accessorygeeks.com. And remember, you got it from a geek.