Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek from accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another review from accessorygeeks.com. Over here I have the PCMOV9 that is our product code. This is actually a micro USB charger. It is an aftermarket USB charger that actually works with a lot of different devices. Nowadays, especially the micro USB charger, they’re actually making it a lot more universal than it was before. Before they used the mini USB but now everyone is switching to micro USB. It will actually work with a lot of the Smartphone nowadays including – this is actually my own personal phone – this is the Android G2. It looks a little beat up but thankfully I took the case out and my screen protector is still on, I actually dropped this not too long ago and I have bumps everywhere now so I put a case. As you can see this is where the port is for most of your cell phones so you just look for the port. It fits perfectly right in. And then you plug this into the car – of course you’re going to need that charger for emergency or whenever you listen to your music on your phone and you don’t realize that you’re actually taking all the juice out of your cell phone battery so you want to make sure that you have an extra charger in the car. Right now we actually have it on sale for – if you buy three of the same one it is $9.99 so it’s $3.33 each and it’s free shipping as always at accessorygeeks.com. It will work with a lot of devices. Make sure you check compatibility. I know it works with most BlackBerrys, most Android devices nowadays, most Samsung, Samsung Galaxy stuff – they all work with the micro USB. Unfortunately it does not work with the Apple because Apple has their own proprietary connector. But again, this is universal, it will work with a lot of phones as long as it is a micro USB tip – that’s the tip that you have to worry about right there. The ones that fit into your device, it can be anything, it doesn’t have to be a phone, will work. Unfortunately we are not in the car so I can’t try it but I actually use the exact same one in my car. I’ve had it for over three years. I’ve had the phone for about six to seven months. The charger actually lasts way longer than my phone because I actually used this for my BlackBerry before this and a different phone before that as well. I had two phones with the same chargers and the third one is this one and it’s still working in my car. It’s a good deal for something so cheap and again it comes on free shipping. On certain days it might even go on sale. So check it out, micro USB charger, this is the PCMOV9,t hat is our product code, search it up or you can just click on the link below here on the video. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.