Marvel Geek: Hey there, Geeky friends. Marvel Geek here with, this time giving you guys a quick overview of our Motorola Droid 3 Screen Protectors. Now, our Droid 3 screen protectors come in three varieties, and I got one here to show you because some of them are difficult to see. But this is our Standard Screen Protector. It comes with a nice little cleaning cloth here so you can clean off your screen and screen protector before you put it on. Basically, application is really simple. Why don’t you just go ahead and peel this first tab off the red site? And you could see it’s kid of hard to see. But when it comes off, there it is, there is the second tab that’s coming off there so we got that. And you go ahead and apply that flat onto your phone, side down as always. Apply that right onto your phone there. And then go ahead and take off the second piece there, which is another protective layer on the front of it to help protect the screen protector before you get it on, and you got a nice screen protector on your phone there. So this is just our regular clear one that comes in a two-pack. We do have two other models. One is Anti-Glare, which basically, it makes it a little bit darker on your phone but it prevents glare from appearing on your phone. Just like you can see here from the lighting in here, it would prevent that from actually blocking your view on the screen, which is really nice, especially if you’re out in the sun or you like to spend a lot of time outside or you’re running and you need to check your phone. Instead of having to stop and check for the glare and all that, you’ve got it all here. And the last we have is a mirror effect which is really cool because it looks like kind of a — it looks like a mirror actually. And if you use it head on and you’re actually looking at the phone, you can see the screen and everything. And if the phone is shut off or you tilt it to the side a little bit, it actually looks like a mirror, which is really great for those of you who don’t want to have to pull out a mirror and you just have your phone on you all the time. You got an extra mirror there and it’s really great and it doesn’t block the screen or anything like that. You can totally see what’s going on on the screen when you’re looking straight on at it so it’s a very unique product for you try out. So I would suggest taking a look at each of those and figure out which one is the best for you. And we do have other products available for the Motorola Droid 3, not just screen protectors, so feel free to take a look at And remember, you got it from a Geek.