Whattup whattup? It's JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Motorola Droid 4 Screen Protector in clear. Please be aware, there are many different models of the Droid. Please make sure you have the Droid 4.

So this one comes in one in a package and comes with everything that you need, the microfiber cleaning cloth and also the squeegee card that you will need to push out all the bubbles. There are instructions on the package itself and also we have a helpful video for you guys to check out so I do recommend checking it out before applying the screen protector so you guys kind of get an idea on what type of technique to use to apply it without bubbles. So hopefully that'll help you guys out. Leave us a comment on our YouTube and subscribe to it if you haven't already. That's YouTube, AccessoryGeeks on YouTube.

As you can see on the screen protector, it does have all the cutouts that you need so it doesn't block any of the touch sensors so you're still able to use all the touch functions and nothing is changed. The look of your screen doesn't change. You actually can't even tell that the screen protector is on there once it's applied. It's probably just going to basically just help you protect your screen from many scratches and abrasions and things like that. For me personally, I keep my phone in my purse or my backpack where I have my keys and pens and sharp objects like that, that can potentially damage my screen and I know that this one is mostly touchscreen function and everything that you do is through the touchscreen so you definitely want to keep that protected. Especially if you like to switch out your phones a lot and want to sell it in the future, keep it in nice pristine condition so that it's worth more, I know that Motorola Droid phones are pretty pricey as well. So just good investment I think.

Also, it's precut to fit the dimensions of the screen so you don't have to do any extra cutting. It is a premium type so once it's on there, you won't have to purchase one for quite some time unless you know, there are scratches on the screen and it's appealing to the eyes anymore, that might be the only reason why you would get another one. But other than that, should last for at least 6 months and once if you decide to remove it after the 6 months or maybe you get it and that you don't like the screen protector on your phone, then you can easily remove it and there won't be any residue that's left if that's what you're worried about.

Again, it's compatible for the Motorola Droid 4. If you guys like it, if you guys already have it, please leave us a review here under the Reviews tab or if you plan to purchase it today, once you receive it please do leave us a review. Talk to me and let me know what you guys think about this item, if it helped you out, if it saved your phone from scratches because I know it's definitely saved my phone from scratches.

For me, I'm very thankful that there's a product like this out there. Some people might not even know that something like this even existed because i sure didn't before I first started here.

So spread the word. Let people know that they can keep their screen protected especially if you have kids and things like that that use your phone sometimes. definitely a good investment. So we always have free shipping and if you guys have any further questions, please live chat with us, shoot us an email, or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to help you guys out.

Alright, thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from a geek.

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