Hey guys, Camera Geek here from AccessoryGeeks.com showing you today the Motorola Droid RAZR rubberized hard case in black but now this were the Motorola Droid RAZR obviously him it is a hard case that means it like most of are hard cases it snapS2gether into pieces and it snaps back rather easily when there is a phone into pieces Wenders not funny between these two pieces it’s difficult I always say that it’s easy a method a I always so quick a fool trying to put us on because it is a lot easier there is two brothers a phone in between these two pieces that there you and I this case gives you full accesS2 all your buttons and ports so corseted corrects this case gives you full axis all your buttons and ports I’m not exactly sure were all the buttons and ports are but I’m to make a very good educated guesS2 say that this the camera the speaker and the flash him volume rocker screen lock headphone Jack maybe another screen not sure of this probably shut up him for And then this probably HDMI out and a charging dock mic and others gives you full accesS2 your screen at your passive buttons no screen protector included this their back is the back in the front or rubberized on top of a hard case so it’s like a lightweight ABS plastic and doesn’t add much bulk to the phone and then you have this rubberized I believe the silicone coating just tying tiny one is a little bit of extra grip make sisomicin and you know gives a little bit of shock absorbency not a whole lot but it’s really great at protecting your phone from bumps and scratches and things like that anyway guys if you have anymore questions regarding the Motorola Droid RAZR rubberized heart case in black or because of a question about any the items that we have here at AccessoryGeeks.com please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-GEEKS-93 or you can contact us via live chat Facebook or e-mail our office hours are Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific standard time and as always there is free shipping to US and Canada this is been Camera Geek guys and remember that you got it from a geek
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