What’s up guys? This is JChunGeeks with AccessoryGeeks.com and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day today. So, you’re probably looking at this item and have many questions on it so I’m here to help you guys. And I’ll help you guys the best I can.

So this particular product I’m going to be doing a review on is the Motorola Micro USB Retractable Vehicle Charger with USB Port. And, this item probably attracted you due to the retractable feature. A lot of the other chargers that we have are just a spiral, kind of corded ones that kind of just stretch out. But maybe you don’t like all those cords. Maybe it looks a little messy to you. Maybe you already have a lot going on in your car or your vehicle and you want to keep it neat and tidy. This is probably what you’re looking for.

It has a retractable cord so you can plug it into your cigarette lighter and it has this really cool light indicator that lets you know that it is charging. And it has the one end for the micro USB so any phone or device that has a micro USB charging port, it will work for so it could be Samsung, LG, HTC, any one of those phones, it will be compatible. Just please make sure that it is a micro USB and not the mini USB as they are both different sizes. So double check on that.

We do have a close up on the connector. This is a micro USB so if this is the one that looks really thin.

And this item is really cool too because it also has a USB port. So it’s kind of like 2 for 1. You could charge it, two devices through this one tiny little charge and all the while keeping everything neat and tidy. And for a low, low price with free shipping. So i think it’s definitely a steal. It’s a really good product. And as you could see here, some more close up pictures of it.

So let’s see what it says under the description tab. We also do have for that too if you guys want a better idea on how it works and exactly what it looks like and have and maybe in different angles. Has a 38 inch retractable cord and it does have a one touch retract button so you just, one click it retracts the cord. So, as I mentioned before, it does have a USB port that allows a simultaneous charge of another USB device. So other phones, as I’ve mentioned in some of my other videos, they do come with the USB data cable and the wall adapter separately nowadays. That’s why they’re starting come out so you can just simply take the data cable with you without, that’s probably more portable so you can take that with you and just charge your device all while you’re travelling or maybe you’re going somewhere far for the day.

It’s always good to have a car charger I always say for a peace of mind and having a backup charger cause I know I find myself in situations where I’m like “Dang,” and you know, “I wish I had charged my phone.” Maybe I forgot to charge it overnight and have to wake up and it’s already too late and I can’t charge it. I’ll be able to charge it on the way to work. So, it’s always good to have.

And just have also the SmartIC chip that, just a chip that prevents your phone from overcharging or overheating and things like that so.

Again really good product. And we have had, we have 5 star reviews for this particular item so it’s not just me that thinks this is a great product. I think there’s 13 other people out there that think this is a great product as well. So yeah, I want to know what you guys think too so leave us a review too under the reviews tab. And I’ll check it out later. Thanks guys and remember, you got it from a geek.

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