Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek from accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our reviews. Again, I am reviewing one of our most popular items that we have on accessorygeeks.com. We actually have over 20,000 different items. These items are always made the top 50 almost every month. Why? Because it is a micro USB tipped charger. This is a wall charger. So let’s say your charger that came in with the phone broke – your dog bit the cable, I don’t know what happened to it, you lost it – you need an extra charger. This is actually a good replacement. This is one of our non-branded items but it will work the same way as long as the micro USB tip will fit your phone. It also has an LED indicator if the charger is working, so it just lights up and it works. The micro USB tip actually works with a lot of different cell phones or devices. Some GPS uses it, I believe most of the older ones use the mini USB – that was the standard before, the mini USB, and now they’re trying to make the micro USB as the standard. A lot of Smartphones uses it like for example my G2 right here uses the micro USB. Plug it in like so, there you go, and plug it in into the wall and it should work. I actually use one of these at home because I like to have chargers almost at every corner of my house. One of them is by my computer, one of them is by my bed — actually I have two by my bed. I like having to be able to charge my phone anywhere. I have an OCD where I can’t stand seeing my battery indicator has less than full. It is bad for the battery because it kills it but some people have their weaknesses, I’m sorry. Micro USB charger, it will work with a lot of different Smartphones and I will actually check how much is this bad boy. This is actually only $5 for this week. Regularly the price is around $7 but right now we actually have it for $5 shipped. Yes, free shipping at accessorygeeks.com as always and if you check out our coupon section you can probably get it cheaper if you’re a social media subscriber you can always just use the 15% off, it will work, you just have to ask for the coupon from one of our geeks, just message us and talk to us. Nothing much to review because these chargers actually work and we’ve tested it with our own phones. I own one of these at home. I also own one of the car chargers. So there you go, universal – I guess you could say this is kind of universal – micro USB tipped wall charger from accessorygeeks.com. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.