Hey Geeks, this is AnimalprintGeek here with AccessoryGeeks bringing you another product review for the Original Motorola Mono Push-to-Talk Headset with 2.5mm.

This is actually a original Motorola item, it has a single ear bud piece. It has the push to talk button that you can actually push to talk on it. it is very losslike, very diverse. It has a good cushion for a placement on your ear with a 2.5 end mm jack for your cellphones.

It is in a color of black, the ear piece is silver as well as black and this piece here is also silver.

This is a convenient and low profile, it weight less than one ounce, it has a snug and fit ear bud and again it comes in black and silver.

This is great when you go to the gym, driving, going for a walk to school, any of those things even in your way to work. It is easy just to have the ear piece in and do any other functions that what you are doing on the computer or having talk to someone when you are on driving, very easy to use.

Might want to get this to prevent you keep the phone closely to your ear, does help prevent like radiation that you receive from your phone. Want to get your hands free to do multiple task things.

This actually 2.5mm so it fits the phone and devices or mp3 player, it could be your game device or cell phones. One of that fits those items

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