Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos. This is more of a showcase. These are for the Photon hard cases. This is the Motorola Photon hard cases. Right now we have around 40 something different hard cases available at accessorygeeks.com and I’m just going to show you a couple of different ones that we have. We have of course the bling ones. These are really popular among our female customers; and these are the solid color ones; and we also have printed designs. These are also the rubberized and I don’t know if you can see the sheen is from the rubberized feel. It’s not like the paint, it has that rubbery feel that when you grip it you can kind of hold it a little bit better than the regular plastic one because you have more grip because it feels rubbery. And it’s really easy to install it. I don’t have the dummy phones unfortunately but it’s two parts like this, all you’ve got to do is just snap it into place and it should fit your Motorola Photon perfectly. You hear a snap and there you have it. The whole purpose of having a case of course is to protect your phone but these hard cases are like looking very unique. Just out of all four this is a very distinctive look and we’re actually updating it on a daily basis. We only have four so far because the phone is somewhat new and we are expecting some more from our vendors. These ones are even – it gives a little bit more protection than this one I would say because those gems actually have a little bit more dimension so when it falls it doesn’t hit the plastic right away but it will hit those gems first and I thought it’s going to be a little bit better for your protection. This again like I mentioned, this will fit your Motorola Photon perfectly and these range from $12.99 and up. It goes as high up to $14.99 and this one actually goes down to $9.99. The rubberized solid white is $9.99 each, the green one is also $9.99, these cases over here are $12.99, and the bling ones are $15.99. Of course you need to find a coupon somewhere for accessorygeeks.com, you can always use it. The ones that are really popular right now is the 15% off social media coupons where you have to ask one of the geeks to get the code. We actually refresh that every two weeks, you can ask one of us, talk to us because we’re here to help you get stuff cheaper and I would actually prefer that you guys buy this as soon as you’ve got a new phone because I do it all the time, every time I get a new phone – that’s about once every 8 to 12 months that I get a new phone all the time. I always get a case for them and I always get a screen protector for them. It’s really good protection. Think of it as clothing for them. It makes your phone look good while protecting it. The only drawback here, they’re really light and only add a little bit of a dimension to your phone and it feels better when you grip it. Sometimes phones are too light; these cases actually make it feel like it has more weight to it. Look at it – I personally wouldn’t buy one of these because it’s a little too extravagant for me. It’s very, very bright. But if you like that kind of thing go ahead. So it is going to be around $9.99 to $14.99 shipped to your house; using the coupon it’s even cheaper than that. And that’s all I have for the Motorola Photon hard cases. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.