Marvel Geek: Hey there Geeks, Marvel Geek here one more time with, this time giving you guys a quick overview of our Motorola Triumph Chargers and exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to Motorola Triumph chargers. Now, the Motorola Triumph will use what’s called micro-USB. There is a different, a couple different types of chargers out there, the main two now being micro-USB and the mini-USB. Please don’t get them confused because they are slightly different. As you can see here on the bottom, that would be the port there for charging and essentially, the mini-USB is a little thinner so you want to make sure you’re looking out for that when you’re buying products at the store or anything like that. But you can see here, this is the port. That’s what it looks like on the end there. And I got two Luxmo chargers here. Luxmo makes great charging products. And here is a regular travel charger or home charger and we have a car charger here. So basically, these just plug in straight to the bottom. I mean simple. Car chargers, everything like that, simple application. There you go. You can charge it right up. These are great. They are very good speed in terms of charging. And they all have what is considered standard nowadays, but they have a chip inside to prevent overcharging, and it used to be a big deal a long time ago that chargers would actually overcharge the battery and in turn actually kill the battery. But nowadays, all of our chargers have that smart chip inside that know when it’s charged and it just slows down the charging so it keeps it at the same nice charge rate. So definitely take a look at if you’re looking for anything. Like I said, we do lots of car chargers available. We have travel chargers. We even have things like data cables that you can connect to USBs so you can actually use them as chargers. We have a great variety of stuff available at, so feel free to take a look. And remember, you got it from a Geek.