Marvel Geek: Hey guys, Marvel Geek here with, this time bringing you our Motorola Triumph Rubberized Hard Plastic Case review. We got a couple of colors here available for you guys. There’s purple, orange, and blue, orange is actually a really rare color for us to get and I do like the orange color. It’s nice and metallic-like. So for those of you who haven’t seen a rubberized hard plastic case before, it is a hard case. Don’t let that fool you, the rubberized name. It is not a silicone case but it comes with this very thin layer of silicone around it. And basically, it’s a non-slip protective case. It’s designed so that it’s not going to fall out of your hand or if it’s on the table and you bump into it, it’s not going to just slide across. It does have this grip on a lot of surfaces to prevent that, and that’s a big thing that silicone cases do. So people thought, “Hey, let’s go ahead and mix the two together, get that hard feel with the silicone mixed together.” That’s why these cases are great. So let’s take a look here and I’ll show you how to put one on. So we have our Triumph here. And basically just go ahead and throw this on the back there. It fits nice and neat. And take the front piece. We got a bunch of different snaps here so you can make sure it stays nice and tight on there. Here we go. And so we got a full protective case there. It looks really cool. I like the orange again on the black. It looks really neat. And we have all full functionality here so you can see that we do have — you can use the volume buttons. The screen is completely unimpeded. You have up here so you can use your headphone jack and then charging ports of course are available. and the power button and the on and off. Really great case if you’re looking for something simple but protective, and it’s, like I said, non-slip protection. As you can tell, really easy to put on and it’s also really easy to take off. We do have pry tools available here at Accessory Geeks as well to help you take them off but it’s really not that hard. And it’s great we have a wide variety of colors available for you and we’re getting new colors and designs in all the time. So if you feel like switching to purple one day, you’re more than welcome to or you can go to blue. Very simple, very cost effective, and it keeps your phone looking nice. So that’s pretty much it. Stop by to take a look. And remember, you got it from a Geek.