Marvel Geek: Ahoy there, friends. Marvel Geek here one more time with, this time showing you guys how to properly apply a screen protector for your Motorola Triumph. And now, every screen protector that is designed for the Triumph that you guys are going to order from us come with essentially two things. It’s going to come in this little plastic film here but it’s going to come with a screen protector here, you can see this, and a very thin cleaning cloth. And so basically, how you do this is the cloth is designed to pretty much get all dust and specks and stuff off your screen, even all the stuff that’s very hard to see. It’s very good in picking up all that. Think of it as like a Swiffer or something like that. And clean that off. And basically, the application, I’ll give you a general idea here, is you take this first one, this number 1 here. You’re going to peel this off before you apply it. See how it peels off there? So you got the screen protector underneath. And basically, that side is adhesive so it’s going to fit right on there on the adhesive side, see? That’s where it would fit. And if you can see, it’s very hard to see, but you can tell that on the top there, it is designed to leave open the sensors and even the speaker up there. After you have the first part of that applied, then you peel of this next piece here, which is another layer, so essentially, it’s like three layers of screen protector and you see how I peel this back here so you can take a look. See how that comes off? And when you do that, you got a full, you got a brand new screen protector on your phone there, nice and clean. Basically, it’s done like that so that there is no dust or particles that get on it. It’s basically brand new, nice and clean when you get that out. And of course, if there is anything left on or it does get dirty, you can just go ahead and use this and it works really well on the screen protector itself. These products are great. They prevent scratches or anything like that. We do actually have a couple of different models available. They are just very hard to see on camera but we do have a mirror effect available for it, which is really cool. If you have a screen protector on there and you turn to the side, it actually kind of turns into a mirror like that so you can take a look at your phone like this and it becomes a mirror. Or we also have the anti-glare one which is also great. It makes the screen a little bit darker but it also prevents you from having glare when you’re outside, which is great. I know, especially for all of us who use our phone maybe running or something like that, you have to pull your phone out when you’re getting a phone call and you want to see who it is, you can have a problem with the sun out during the day. So definitely a great look there for our screen protectors. Feel free to take a look at We have a lot of new products coming for the Motorola Triumph so feel free to take a look. And remember, you got it from a Geek.