Hey guys camera geek here from AccessoryGeeks.com showing you today the Motorola Triumph silicone case in hot pink now if you take a look at the case you can clearly see that is silicone is a rubbery and sloppy and this is actually not a Motorola Triumph it is a piece of cardboard that look like the Motorola Triumph anyway this case gives you full access to all the ports and buttons here is the charging dock this right here is probably be Mike and the headphone jack it looks as though there is no screen lock on this phone that’s where Eric camera flash and then a speaker more likely and you poleaxed of the screen in the buttons the bottom of the screen there is no screen protector included with this phone those of you wonder protect the screen are Juergen up to grab one of those extra anyway the silicone case is obviously a very bright pink even maybe a magenta and silicone cases are really good at protecting your phone from drops and then lick that they do tend to wear down after Wiles from like bumps and things like that so you might want to grab more than one of these but it’s not a big deal because we would have really great prices on our cases here at AccessoryGeeks.com click either anymore questions regarding the Motorola Triumph silicone case in hot pink or because of a question about any the items that we have here at AccessoryGeeks.com Lisa is to give us a call at 1-866-GEEKS-93 or or you can contact us via live chat Facebook or e-mail our office hours are Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific standard time and as always there is free shipping to US and Canada this is been camera geek guys and remember that you got it from a geek