Whattup whattup? JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Original 3 Feet Universal iPad/iPhone/Kindle Holder Stand, 3FBK is the product number, in pitch black. So we do have them available in different colors if you don't prefer the black on, we do also have the white, deep blue, fancy purple, and even a sunshine yellow and also a fire engine red. You can find that under the Geek's Recommendation here on the right hand column.

So let's get started on the item. This is a really popular item. It's a great stand, great quality, really durable plastic so it does last a long time. And I like it because it is a universal type so you're able to switch it out to your iPad to your iPhone. I have both, an iPhone and an iPad. This item would be perfect for me because I have both and I can use it and change it whenever I want.

It's great for a gift. You can gift it just because it is universal for someone that you know who has a Kindle or an iPhone or an iPad or doesn't even have to work for an iPhone but it could be any of those smart PDA phones, the thin kind with the large screens and most of the cellphones are starting to come out that way so it should be compatible for a lot of cellphones that are out there.

And again, you don't have to limit yourself to the iPad. It could be like the Samsung tablet or anything like that as well. And maybe you have a few different family members that have the same iPhone or they all want a stand, if you purchase it as a gift, you could purchase a different colors to differentiate who's stand is who's so you don't get it mixed up. Or maybe you just want to get their favorite color for whatever reason. We do have that available.

So comes in this nice neat packaging, retail packaging, so that you know it's real. I've actually seen this product in real life. One of the geeks here have it and they use it every day. They just set their phone right there right by their desk and it's really easy, portable view, you can watch videos on it when you're on lunch, whatever the case may be. Maybe you're on vacation or something like that. It's really easy to fold up and take it with you wherever you go.

As you can see here, you're able to charge your phone. Especially for an iPhone, charging port is wide open there so you can just charge it while it's on the stand so that's even more convenient. Should work for the iPad as well since the charging port is located in the same area.

Here's some different views of it. You are able to change the angle s of it. Believe there's a few different angles that you can set it for. We even have a YouTube video for you guys to check out and see, to give you guys a better view on how it actually works so hopefully that will give you a better idea.

Under description tab, again folds flat, completely flat for easy carry and portability. So again it's specially designed to hold up even heavy devices like PC tablets and iPads and stuff like that.

If you guys already have this product, please leave us a review. If you plan on purchasing it, please leave us a review once you receive it and tell us how it's working out for you. Do you like it? Do you hate it? So far we do have three reviews. Want to give a shoutout to Dan from Saint Louis, Missouri for giving us a 4 star, liked that item. Jennifer from Utah, thank you for the 5 stars. John Thompson from the US, thank you for leaving us a 5 star as well. Take it from them, these are real people, real reviews. So they think it's a great product and hopefully you will too. So talk to me, let me know. Thanks for tuning in and remember, you got it from a geek.

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