Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek from accessorygeeks.com and welcome to one of our reviews. And today I have here the original iPod cable or the iPhone Apple cable. I would actually just call it Apple cable because it works with a lot of different Apple products. And this is the exact cable that you would actually get in the box when you actually purchase an Apple product but for some reason if you need an extra one or you broke it or anything happens to it this is the exact cable that you would actually receive when you purchase it the first time. And the reason why we’re actually reviewing this is because – I mean for quality you already know that it is an Apple product and there’s not much of like an instruction that I can give to let you know because this end goes into your PC or like an adaptor that goes to the wall and this one goes into your device. This is the proprietary connector for Apple, always shaped like this except for the iPod Shuffles series. And quality-wise there’s nothing wrong with it, I can’t give it any more lower than a five star unless it doesn’t work but we’ve tested our products and it works and it is originally made from Apple, whichever factory that it comes from. But the reason why we’re reviewing it is because we’re actually selling it cheaper than Apple – don’t tell them. We actually sell them at $13 and it is with free shipping, as always. And if you actually check out our coupon sites, the coupon section, we actually have a coupon for data cables. This is a data cable so check it out. But if you’re also our subscriber on YouTube you get 15% off, just ask us what the code is, every two weeks we actually change the code. So yes, it’s cheaper than $13 shipped to your house as long as you’re within the United States or Canada. Always check at accessorygeeks.com for the cheapest price. There’s nothing much to say – Apple product right here. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.