Hey Geeks, this is AnimalPrintGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com bringing you another product review for the Original Ballistic HTC EVO 4G SG Hard Case Silicone in Black.

This case is specifically designed for the HTC EVO. It does have a nice sleek, shape and form to it. It does have a kick stand available to open it up to watch a music video and watch TV shows, things like that. It does come in this really nice packaging. It is specifically for the HTC EVO. As you can see here in the front it does have a rubberized outside on the corner so if you drop your phone will go ahead and bounce. It does have a kick stand as you can see on the back, The camera is completely accessible and so is the speaker. The screen is open and able to view and it does have cutouts for your volume button here and all the buttons around the phone.

These have the three layer maximum protection. It has the inner shock-absorbent silicone layer and third outer layer plastic shell. Opening and ports are covered for easy access with protection in a rugged look and style. Made of durable materials, you could drop it in a toilet and it would be protected I wouldn't recommend it. And this specifically for the HTC EVO 4G. It might fit the HTC EVO because it’s not cuts to fit that phone and that buttons will be access for you. This is really good product, it does keep your phone very well protected and you'll still be able to watch some videos, or just listen to the music at work or if you're an at home mom and you work at home, it will nicely stand up on the desk. This is really great product for you. It keeps your phone very well protected and it's a good quality, and that way we should purchase because these product come in handy.

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