Hey guys, Hopping Geek here from Accessory Geeks. What I have today is the HTC Evo 4G and the original Ballistic HTC Evo 4G SG hard case on silicon. So this is another great case from Ballistic. This case in itself features three layers of the hard and soft materials with extra corner protection so you don’t have to worry about those drops. They really bulk up the corners so if you drop it you’re still okay. And then the outer layer has those three layers so it’s super thick. And they’ve even kept in mind that your Evo has a kickstand so they put one on the case so pretty awesome. So pretty easy, you just put the phone in the silicon part and then as you can see it has — the volume sticks up so I like to use that as a guide to put the shell on so you just do that, and push it on – there you go. So all the ports are totally accessible, camera, volume, headphone jack, everything – they’ve got you covered. And like I said you still have the kickstand so you can still watch that movie and your phone is still totally protected and good. So another great case from Ballistic – I like that it has this like rugged look and style but it’s still very comfortable, easy to hold, and won’t slip out of your hands. So this is the Ballistic case, it goes for $24.99 on accessorygeeks.com where there’s always free shipping. So don’t forget that you got it from a geek.