Hey everyone, Hopping Geek here from Accessory Geeks. What I have today is the Motorola ATRIX and the original Ballistic Motorola ATRIX SG hard case on silicone – so another great case from Ballistic. They really know how to protect your phone. And this case in particular features three layers of hard and soft materials with extra corner protection so you don’t have to worry about those drops. So it’s two pieces — it’s the inner silicone and then this outer shell – and if you look at the corners you can see that they’ve really bulked them up so if you drop them your phone will still be fine. So it’s super easy, you just slide the phone in and then you just snap the shell on and there you go. Your phone’s totally protected and they’ve thought of everything. All the ports are totally accessible, they’d be running in — marked silicone where certain things are, camera, everything, pretty cool. So like I said there are three layers for maximum protection. It has an inner shell of absorbent silicone. The three-layer outer plastic shell, all layer openings, ports – you’re good. And it’s a very rugged look and style but it’s still comfortable, it won’t just slip out of your hand but if you drop it your phone will be fine. This is a great case by Ballistic. It goes for $24.99 on accessorygeeks.com where there’s always free shipping. And don’t forget that you got it from a geek.