Hey whats up guys this is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to do a product review on the Original Belkin TuneTie Cable Organizer in orange, lime green, baby blue.

It's a 3 pack cable organizer as you can see here. There's the 3 colors and it's perfect for someone who listen to music on their headphones a lot. And you know nowadays those wires can be kind of long and they tend to get tangled, and this item definitely will help you keep it organized. That’s why the name is cable organizer. Does not only work for headphones, but also for any other cables, maybe a USB cable or something like that. Definitely keep those cords neat and tidy so that you don't have it looking messy. Your desk doesn't look messy. Looks more tidy and simple looking and not too crazy. You can even differentiate which cord is in what colors using the different colors available. But it is an original Belkin product. It comes with this nice real packaging, retail packaging so you know it's real.

It is at very low price right now. It's on sale and we do offer free shipping on top of that. Take advantage of that and leave us a review. So far we have 4 reviews. Tee from DC, Katie from Illinois, Olivia from USA, Amy from Utah. All these people has left us either 4 star or higher. So obviously they think it’s a great product, if this is you`re looking for I would highly recommend for taking advantage of this price today, we may not have a lot left though, so take advantage of that.

Alright thanks for tuning in, and remember, you got it from a geek.

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