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Hey Geeks. DodgerGeek here with and today we’re going to take a look at the Original Delton Universal 3-in-1 Mount.

This mount is pretty versatile. Not only can it hold your device but it charge it and one other device at the same time. So let’s break this bad boy down for you.

First you have the actual mount. This is mount can accommodate many different devices because it is adjustable. The arms of this stand can expand to 11cm wide. When completely closed, the arms are 4.5cm wide. There is a button here on the lower right side of the body that releases the arms so that you can adjust them to the perfect size.

The arms also adjust vertically to 9cm tall. Now, this does not mean that your device has to be 9cm tall. But the vertical height would be important if you had a device with a larger body or needed more support. Most smartphones will not need the arms expanded that tall.

The feet on this mount adjust as well. They turn 360 degrees. Obviously you will want them facing toward you so that they can support your device.

The back of the mount is covered with a piece of foam. This cushions your device while in the mount and ensures that as you drive the bumps and pot holes wont cause your device to be tossed around and bumping all over the place. Think of it as a shock absorber of sorts.

The second piece you will see is the charging portion and the neck of the mount. The mount connector of the charging portion has two components. The first is the locking button. When pulled up, the base will swivel. When it is pushed down, the base locks and prevents it from swiveling. There are two icons on there just in case you forget which is which.

Next you have the rectangle piece that is sticking out. This will actually connect with the body of the mount and hold it in place. To connect the two pieces, make sure the lock is pointing up towards the sky and simply slide it in the center hole. Slide up to make sure it’s locked in position and there you have it!

Now let’s take a look at the rest of the charging portion. As I mentioned, the base swivels. The neck of the charging portion is adjustable and you can bend it to whatever angle is comfortable for you. At the base of the neck you have another piece that is adjustable.

And now we are at the last piece of the mount. The charger. This comes with two adapters, one for micro USB and one for Apple devices with the 30-pin connector. This does not come with an iPhone 5 adapter. The adapters are used to plug in to the bottom outlet with this cord. Here you can also charge another device with this USB port. There is a blue indicator light here that will light up when plugged in to the car and the power is on.

This mount would be a great buy for anyone who is on the road a lot or if you commute to work or school. This could be the perfect solution to your problem. It can hold your phone up so that you can focus on driving but still play your favorite music or pick up a call and charge your phone at the same time. Any geek who is seeking convenience in the car could benefit from purchasing this mount.

In terms of adjustment, I think this mount takes the cake. You can probably accommodate most of your devices with this one mount because it adjusts so well and has so many setting options.

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