Hey there guys, Marvel Geek here one more time with AccessoryGeeks.com. This time going over the do original Hornettek Rotatable Shield for the Apple iPad 2. This leather case stand is pretty cool, it is very simple to put together and it is actually a very simple design done really well of course you have got this nice leather here and we have our Accessory Geeks iPad 2. So I will show you guys how this goes in here. It is actually a relatively simple snap in process. You are going to know what front and back with them like that. Basically, you are just going to set it up like this on the sides and we will just pops right in there. Actually, it really doesn’t even snap too much it kind of just sit in there and it is really you know sturdy in terms of not falling out or anything like that. Really cool product. The best part about it is of course you got a protective cover. We got a nice little opening there for the Apple logo in the back, but our free report about this is what we are going to get in there for you. This is actual stand too so we can stand it up like it is upside down but okay, it is upside down well alright then how about we just go ahead and do that look now it is right side up. You could place them in or if you want and you want to watch a movie or something like that well here we go you just go ahead and set it up inside there instead and now you can watch a film. Really cool product or leather from Hornettek. This is for the Apple iPad 2. You got a really nice case there. Front and back protection, functionality, something nice for you to carry around, definitely really great product. I would suggest taking a look at it at AccessoryGeeks.com and remember you got it from a geek!