Ahoy there, geeks. Marvel Geek here again with AccessoryGeeks.com. This time we are bringing you the original Hornettek Vader AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 and 4S Dual Shell Aluminum Case. Now from that angle right there you can’t really see much, but this is actually a really, really cool case here. It is a dual case you can see from the side there is aluminum and gets you to shine there on plastic. It is the two pieces and you actually screw it together on so it stays on. So this case is not going to fall off or anything like that and in the middle of the day or anything like that. It has got of course all the ports open for you there it has even got a nice nifty little piece up on top here. This is actually an aluminum piece that actually attached to the case so it actually allows you to press it down so there is no you know, you can’t you know turn it on and off and stuff like that and it comes to it. Of course the screen is fully opened there and it has a little bit of a raised edge here to protect from drops and falls so it is going to hit the aluminum case before anything else and of course aluminum is really sturdy. It stands up to the test of time into damaging so if you ever decide to accidentally drop it on the ground you will definitely have some protection here for your phone and of course the to see in the back there is wide open. It is a really nice case. I prefer it, I do like the blue color especially in the back right here with the shine it is just the aluminum feel and look it is very unique. It is something that a lot of people don’t have and definitely can impress your friends with a very sleek looking case for your brand new iPhone 4S or for your 4 if you still have one of those and that is pretty much it and you can get this here at AccessoryGeeks.com and remember, you got it from a geek!