Yo whats up guys? This is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm bringing you a product review on the Original HTC Thunderbolt Screen Protector (3 pack) in clear.

This comes with three screen protectors in a pack and it's more saving-wise rather than purchasing one individually, and this is good quality, made by HTC so it'll come with the original packaging for HTC as you can see here. Specifically designed to fit the HTC thunderbolt, you don’t have to change or cut the screen anymore, anything like that, you don't have to make any adjustments, it's a precut to fit your screen.

Its three in a pack, crystal clear, so if you apply it, you won't tell that there is a screen protector on there. It does not change the look of the screen at all. It only offers protection from scratches and abrasions, something like that. If you drop it face flat on the floor, maybe the floor has an uneven pavement or something like that and there are rocks or something, it'll definitely protect it from that, from scratches on the screen. It will not help for cracks, it will not protect from cracks but it will from scratches, do keep that in mind. It's just a screen protector but again it's very helpful, use it for everyday, you put your phone in your pocket with keys, your purse along with sharp metal objects, if you carry a pocket knife, pen or something like that then you will have to protect your screen. You don’t want the screen to get messed up, you're making calls, checking emails, taking pictures, all that from your screen so you do want to keep that nice and protected.

So I do recommend this to you guys, it is a really good deal, tell me where you can find another item like this at this price.

Purchase yours today, we do have free shipping and let me know what you guys think about that, leave us a review right here, what did you like or dislike from it.

Check out our video, it's about how to apply the screen protector with minimal bubbles, hopefully that will help you guys out.

Thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from a geek.

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