Hey what's up guys? This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to be doing a product review for the Original HTC Universal Micro USB Travel Charger in black.

So this is basic home charger. It is made and manufactured by HTC themselves. It comes in this nice retail packaging so you know it is real and on the actual charger itself, it should state HTC on it. Again this is a micro USB travel charger and HTC phone models, the combination that we used to encounter was that some of the HTC phone didn’t not allow aftermarket chargers to work on their phone. Some of reason, I think, is there is some of internal software some issue there, not an issue but they specially made the design a little differently so that only HTC chargers will be compatible for your HTC phone. So if you do have or have had a problem before then you might want to lean towards one of these ones. It will work for your HTC phone model but it would also work for other phone models with the micro USB connector, so Samsung and LG and some other phone models, as long as it has the same micro USB charger, it will work for that but not necessarily the other way around.

If you want to know go to safe and you have an HTC phone, go with this particular one, this charger. Maybe you want to have an extra for back up or maybe you lost it while you travelling, this would work for it. And they do make it to be very durable and it is high quality especially since is made by HTC. We had a list of compatibility here for all HTC compatible phones with some other mobile devices here so check those out but again it should work for any of the HTC phone models if it has a micro USB connector. So micro USB is different from many USBs so please make sure it's got a small opening just like this.

I hope this might have been helpful for you guys and if you guys try this item and it works well for you, please leave us a review here under the Reviews tab. And if doesn’t work out for you let me know that this item didn’t really work well for you. Alright, thanks for tuning in guys and remember you got it from the geeks.

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