Hey whats up everyone, its Jchun Geek from AccessoryGeeks. Today im going to do a product review on Original Incipio Apple iPad 2 Feather Rubberized Hard Case with screen protectors in Hot Pink.
This funky little code here is actually the item number, where you can find under the pictures, if your just wandering what that was, okay lets begin.
I like this case just because its ultra thin, you can see here in the packaging its does indicate ultra thin case so it doesn’t add too much bulk and that’s what the feather cases are noted for, the feather series or collection that incipio has available.
It does come with the original packaging as you can see here, its kinda look just like this. And I love how we can express our personality through cases, this particular ones I choose is hot pink, its vibrant, its easy to spot cases, you know all your friend junior house Is black and you need a bright case to look at your iPad, this would be perfect
I do believe it comes in different colors as well, think they come in white, maybe black but you can search the incipiio Apple iPad 2 feather in the search tab up above here. It should bring them all up. I believe they have other collection and series available as well so you wanna check those out, feels free to browse our website for that.
This case is also came with a screen protector, as you can see here it comes with a cleaning cloth and the small cardboard that you`ll need to smooth all the bubbles, that pretty neat, you buy for 1 price and you`ll get 2 products.\
If you scroll down you`ll see a bigger image of this product. And you can see, none of the openings are obstructed, the headphone jack is still open, the camera not blocked or anything, speakers, you`ll still have access to that. Simply just an ultra thin plastic case cover that you just wanna snap on easily onto your Ipad. No tools necessary, no need anything to install this case, this is really an easy snap and go. \
Measurement is less than 1 mm thickness, so when they say ultra thin they really mean ultra thin. Slightly designed for those who doesn’t like bulkiness who aren’t in such harsh conditions as a construction or something like that, this is for everyday use, perfect for everyday use.
It has a soft matte finish but its not glossy, its not shiny on the back, smooth texture if that’s what you like. This is definitely gonna work out for you. Superior protection without adding bulk is what they advertised. And they definitely stand up to their work. Definitely a product that you get exactly what you expect.
I would recommended to all my friends, right now I have a different case on my iPad but im getting my way to get this one just for my everyday use, might purchase it in other color, white though.
Check it out and remember, you got it from a Geek!

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