Hey what’s up guys? This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to be doing a product review for the Original LG Car Charger (Micro USB) in black part number CLA-305.

This is the original part manufactured by LG themselves so it is brand new, unused and is OEM. So I always recommend OEM products over any aftermarket. They just tend to have a less defective rate and made with more durable materials but again we do have everything to fit everyone's price range and budget. This one is little bit higher end side but again I do recommend it. It has a micro USB connector as you can see here and a lot of the newer smartphones are made with a micro USB. Not even the smartphones but a lot of phones in general are made with the micro USB connector so this is going to be compatible for any of those phones as long as it has a micro USB. So you don't have to limit yourself to just LG. You can use it for your Samsung phone, for your Motorola and anything else.

So as you can see, it's got this nice extender and has a nice light charging indicator to let you know that it is charging. You even can see that LG logo imprinted on there. The wiring is, if you can tell there, it's bound really well so that it doesn't fall apart or break easily. The cord, the wires, is the coiled kind so you are able to extend it out and retract it back and it doesn’t tangle so that’s really cool. It is black. You can plug it into any stock cigarette lighter. It will work really well as an emergency backup charger. I always have one as a backup. Even if you have a car charger adapter, it will work well with that. We have the adapters available as well and we have a lot of other chargers we have available as well.

So this one is, again, it is well worth the money. It'll actually last for a long time and again if you want to switch your phone later on in the future to another phone with the micro USB, you can charge with this same charger, you don’t have to purchase a new one. So leave us a review right here, let me know what you guys think and so far we got three 5 star reviews. Kim from Louisiana, Janet from Topeka, Kansas, and Rogio from Marysville, Ohio. They thought that is a great product in the same ways. So talk to me, let me know what you guys think.

Alright, thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from the Geeks.

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