Hey what’s up guys? This is JChunGeek here again with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to be doing a product review for the Original Motorola Car Charger Micro USB.

This care charger does have the micro USB connector so if your phone, cell phone, does have the micro USB connection it’s going to definitely fit for it. Doesn’t really matter if you have a Motorola phone. You could have a Samsung, BlackBerry. A lot of the newer style phones do come with the micro USB connector so it will work for that because I had a BlackBerry car charger micro USB but it did also work for my Samsung phone. As long as you have a micro USB, you don’t have to worry about it.

And this is a really good price and I do always recommend the OEM parts over after market but, again, we do have other options available if this is not in your price range but, in my opinion, this item is a steal. it’s a really good price and made of really good quality so. Does have that spiral cord that kind of extends to your reach if you need to extend it out towards you while it’s in the cigarette lighter output. It’s really simple to use. Just plug it in and it’ll, there’s like a light indicator that will indicate that it’s charging. It does prevent your phone from overheating or overcharging. And yeah, it’s really good to have as a backup charger in case, you know, you find yourself in one of those situations where you just forget to charge your phone and that’s happened to me a couple times and probably has happened to a couple of you out there. But, whatever the case may be, you probably want one.

You could even have purchased one for each of your vehicles. Maybe you can just purchase one for multiple vehicles. Whatever works best for you but always, always, always recommend having a backup. It’s always a good plan.

So again, this is made by the original manufacturer, Motorola. We do have a Youtube video if you guys want to check that out. Hopefully it’ll give you guys a better idea of how it works. And hopefully she will be able to give you more info on that. And that would be HotPinkGeek in the video.

Here’s some more specs on it. Again, it does have that overcharge prevention. Electrical fuse for safety. A lot of these, the electrical fuse safety and stuff like that are made for the original manufacturer. Maybe some of the aftermarket doesn’t, don’t offer that type of protection but I think it’s always better to be safe than sorry so. That’s just my opinion of course the other ones work just as good. Might not offer that protection but other than that, it would charge your phone just the same. Might not be made of the same materials but, again, it’ll get the job done. So depending on your budget, we have everything to match your budget so.

Here’s some of the compatibilities. The compatibility list. There’s a lot more phone models that are not listed in here but again, as long as you confirm that your phone has a micro USB connector, it will fit. So I mean, I’d love to know what you guys think about it. So far we have great reviews on this product. As you could see here, there’s the overall rating for this product. We have about 20 reviews so far. Hopefully, with your help, we can spread the word on how good this item is and let me know what you guys think.

Let me know. Thanks for tuning in guys, and remember, you got it from a geek.

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