Hey guys. This is Gamer Geek with AccessoryGeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos and in front of me I have the original OrigAudio with Universal Rock It 2.0 Portable Vibration Speaker. It fits the 3.5 mm jacks and I will just actually open this real quick and I have the pleasure of actually testing the Rock It 1.0 before. I personally like the 2.0 better, why? Because, it has— it is smaller. Way more compact than the 1.0 and the price point is more attractive. This one is actually $24.99 compared to the other one that is $32.99 has all the newer function to it. For example, this is actually, I mean get this, where is the speaker right? It is actually over here. I will show you in a bit what it means by vibration speaker. First of all this is such a cool feature where you actually twist it. This is the core management system that you actually just kind of twisted around to get it out and that will go as far as, let’s see, about a foot long maybe better here okay. I will get the box out of the way. I will get the box later but this is a vibration speaker and has the power on and off button right here has DC in right there. This is where you plug your device. It also comes with an extension chord right here so this adds about 2-3 feet of extension, pulling it a little further. It comes with extra because you are going to have to want to replace this after awhile. I mean it is water resistant kind of, you can kind of wash it off. This is the charging cable. I’m actually going to use this and plug it in as far as I can to the computer. I’m sorry. So this is the speaker part. It comes with instructions so I will let you know I have my T-Mobile G2 right here. I will plug it on to the phone at Pandora setup. Let’s set this up. I have the media volume halfway because I don’t want to blast and everyone at the office will hear it. Okay, if I leave this on like this you can’t really hear anything, but this device will make everything into a speaker. I put it on the table. You can hear it better, right? It is actually used in the whole entire table as you know, it reflexes sounds. I used a box right here as a speaker or if I want to use this box right here. This box becomes a speaker. Isn’t that so awesome, $24.99 and it comes with all the kit that you need and it is also. I’m going to unplug it real quick so I can show you how awesome this item is. It has all the chord management system that you need so it is super compact. All I have to do is just wind this back and wind itself under. Compact speaker, the only downside that I found is you have to plug it to actually make it work and I feel like the drawback that I found but again this comes with a battery that you can just put in. It will fit two triple-A batteries. Plug it in there and you can just take this anywhere. You already are going to need this or this anymore. I noticed that if you want more base for the speaker put it on top of a bigger box empty box and you will hear the thump of it more basically it uses anything a hollow or anything you know anything to become a speaker and you can put it on like a piece of glass, it will reflect that sound but it is going to sound like the treble is going to be super high. You want something more basey you know for hip-hop song or anything, put it into like a bigger, like a larger hollow box you will hear a thump. Awesome item, this is the Rock It 2.0 I will recommend the 2.0 better than the 1.0. Price point is $24.99 and to get it cheaper at AccessoryGeeks.com with their coupons. So check it out, look around for the coupons. Don’t forget that Accessory Geeks actually have free shipping within U.S and Canada and this is Gamer Geek. You got it from a geek! Accessory Geeks Product Reviews