Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And today in front of me I have the OtterBox HTC Droid Incredible 2 Commuter Series hard case that comes with the screen protector. Let me just open this real quick. This is actually on sale at accessorygeeks.com for $29.99. OtterBoxes are always known for their sort of semi-heavy duty cases but maximum, maximum protection for the cases. They are priced usually around $30 but don’t forget that Accessory Geeks has free shipping – depending on where you live you don’t pay for the tax and if you can find some coupons out there you get it cheaper than $30. Keep in mind that we do have coupons everywhere. So my first impression – it’s really cool that it comes with screen protectors because not a lot of cases actually gives you screen protectors so I though that was really [inaudible 1:09]. Second of all this is a silicon case and a hard case combined into one. I love those combinations. Why? Because it is the best of both worlds – this is just my opinion. But the hard cases are better for scratches while the silicon skins are better for drops. This, having both of them at the same time, silicon cases covering the top and the bottom, basically drop points other than screen first, and then scratches is covered on the back. So I have here the dummy phone that we’re going to test. First of all we’re going to install it, put the silicon skin first. It’s a little loose right now but since we’re putting it on this it doesn’t really matter. It’s that’s simple to put it on. All ports are actually protected – charging port, just open the silicon case, that’s why it’s a little flimsy without the hard case – charging port’s open, volume still accessible, the headset jack is open, power protected, everything else is open. I really like the feel of it, it grips really nice, camera, speaker port, everything is open. I think the only downside to this case is the flap that covers the headset jack. It is a little flimsy. It won’t actually go in but this is because this is a dummy phone so the hole isn’t the correct size, it isn’t to scale so it won’t go in there. But if this is the real phone it will definitely fit in there, even the microphone is open — $29.99, OtterBox case and this is the Commuter Series for the Droid Incredible 2. I would highly recommend it, I would highly recommend OtterBox products actually. They are known for being heavy duty, like maximum protection, and it comes with the screen protector – again that will fit the phone, that’s like covering the whole entire phone minus the ports that open like the camera. Other than that, again highly recommended – I wouldn’t leave the house with the phone without a case on it, especially without a screen protector. So get it at accessorygeeks.com with free shipping within US and Canada. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.