Hey what's up guys? This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Original Otterbox Impact Apple Iphone 4 Silicone Case in black.

So, the Otterbox has about three different series. First one being the Impact, which is this one, then the Commuter series, and lastly the Defender series. So it's going in order from least to most protection. This particular case is the Impact. It only a one piece case and it's made of pure silicone and it's really easy to use, really easy to install just because it is a one piece case. you just slide your phone and you just flex over the silicone onto your iPhone 4S and it'll be fully protected.

There are a few cutouts like for the camera hole and theback apple logo and also the front ear piece where it has the camera and the earhole. But the home button is covered. And this item does come with a screen protector film so you don't have to purchase one separately, it does come with it.

Comes in this nice retail packaging so you know that it's real and you will know it is the original Otterbox product. So as you can see, kind of in the picture, the sides are textured and that's to offer a better grip so hopefully that'll help you guys out if you're finding yourself struggling with the grip if you've already tried some plastic cases and it slips out of your hands way too easily and you're looking for a really durable silicone case, this is probably the item that you're looking for that will work best for you.

Otterbox is really well known for making high quality products so once you purchase this item, you kind of don't have to purchase one for a long time. I mean it won't break if you were to drop it on the floor or anything like that. And it's really good material.

It is compatible for the Apple iPhone 4. You still have access to all the buttons and features as long as you use the original cable that it came with to charge your phone, it will fit. You won't have to remove the case from your phone every time you want to charge or plug in your headphones. Just to avoid confusion, this case does protect against water damage so it still can get wet and potentially damage your phone if you drop it in a pool of water or anything like that, but other than that, I like the silicone because it has that shock absorbent protection so it absorbs the shock and it doesn't damage your phone as much as it would in a plastic case. That's a plus.

So I definitely recommend this item to you guys. We always have free shipping. So far we have four reviews totaling about 4.5 stars. So want to give a shoutout to LJH from Michigan for leaving us 4 stars, Stephanie from Fresno, CA for leaving us 5 stars, Miguel from San Diego, CA, thank you, Dexter Jordan from Indiana, thank you so much for your feedback. You know, take it from these real people who have left us really good reviews and continue to add to it and let us know what you guys think.

Thanks for tuning in guys and remember you for it from a geek.

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