Hey what's up guys> This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Original Samsung M510 M300 type Vehicle Power Charger Adapter.

So basically if you guys are looking for the best of the best car charger, this is the item that you're probably looking for. Right now it is at a very great price, probably the lowest that you'll probably find on the web. We always offer free shipping on top of that as well so you can't beat our prices. It comes in this nice retail packaging and it is OEM so it is made by Samsung so you know that their quality is awesome if maybe you have a flatscreen TV from them, maybe you purchased other chargers or cellphones from them, you know that it's great great quality.

This particular one has the M510 M300 connector so it's sort of an older phone model but I believe those cellphones are still under rotation. Under the compatibility list, you'll see what phone models it's compatible with. As you can see here, you'll see there is quite a few. You can find your phone model under here. If you guys need assistance on how to find your phone model, you can just remove the phone battery from your cellphone and it'll be on the back of your cellphone. Not on the battery, the back of the phone. There should be a model number under there and should let you know which one you have.

This is a great product. It should last you a very long time. It does have that overcharge protection. here's some more specs on that. LED charging indicator to let you know that it is charging and great product. Again, it's a really great price. It's almost the same price as some of our aftermarket chargers and so far we have 33 reviews on this product so far and a lot of them are 5 stars. I can't give a shoutout to everybody, all 33 people, but I do want to give a shoutout for the first five people that I see. Joanie from New Hampshire, thank you. Fay from New Jersey, thank you so much. Steve from San Diego, CA, thank you. Wiolette from Chicago, IL, thank you. Steven, also from the midwest Illinois, thank you so much.

So take it from these people, 33 people giving us 5 star reviews for this product. So I'm not lying here and I'm not trying to make this product more than what it is. This product really sells itself so again, it's highlighted here as best of the best that we have so highly recommend it to you guys.

We always have free shipping on top of this great low price so take advantage of that today. Thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from a geek.

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