Hey geeks, this is AnimalPrintGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and bringing you a product review on the Original Samsung Travel Charger M300 Type.

This is actually a travel charger for Samsung phones. It's an older charger model for older model phones. It is an original Samsung so it has the Samsung logo along the side of it. For those who are always on the go, if you got to go to work, for those of you who travel back and forth, its best to have a travel charger just in case, keep it handy just in case when like you're not at home and you left your charger at home, you don’t want to lose it or leave it anywhere else. So it's great to have a travel charger.

This is an original Samsung home charger, wall charger, ac charger, and travel charger, it comes in a compact design, perfect for the home or office, just plug it into an outlet. Even the battery is completely discharged, even if the battery is super low, this can plug into the phone and charge at the same time. Plug it into any wall outlet to quickly charge your battery. It does come in the color of black, if you want to find if your phone is compatible with this charger than here`s the part number and you can see other phones that’s it's compatible with.

It is compatible with all Samsung phones, whether if you have a cricket, OTA, US Cellular, some of the older Verizon phones, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, this is the charger that can be compatible with any and all of those. We do give a list of the phones that compatible with this charger so definitely go and check those out as well just to make sure your phone is compatible with this charger.

It does have a long cord and you can plug it into a wall and can still stand up without crouching away so go ahead and talk on your phone.

I would recommend this to anybody on the go, those who have chargers at home, or in your car, it's fun to have one at work, at your desk so you can charge when you're at work.

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