Hi, this is Mastery Geek from accessorygeeks.com. Today I’m going to review Verizon Samsung Droid Charge rubberized hard case with kickstand and holster combo – obviously the color is black. As you can see this is a two-piece item. The first piece is a holster with belt clip. The belt clip rotates, as you can see, and inside the holster the finish is a fine felt. This portion protects your screen from scratching when you place your phone this way. The second piece of this item is a plastic cover with kickstand. What makes this plastic cover unique is it comes with a built-in kickstand. As you can see you could fold it out and you could fold it in. Once it’s been folded in it’s barely noticeable. Like other cases that we have it does have proper cutouts for speakers, cameras, and all the buttons. And the design of this case does not add too much weight or too much bulkiness to the overall aspects of the phone so if you want to keep your phone slim at the same time protect and this belt clip holster is really, really a plus when you try to carry this item around your waist of purse or whatever you want to carry it. I like to give this item a four stars instead of five stars because of this one fact – as you can see, once the phone is in and if you’re trying to charge the phone not all the charger is going to fit, only the slimmest of the charger is going to plug while this is inserted into the holster. However, as you know, as you experience from everyday life, most of the time we are charging the phone in the car or in the bed lamp stand next to you – you probably take your phone out and charge it. In that case it doesn’t really matter if the hole is in the way of the clip itself. So again this is Mastery Geek from accessorygeeks.com. And remember – you got it from a geek!