Yo what’s crack-a-lackin? This is JChunGeek here with the AccessoryGeek.com and today I’m going to a product review for the original Apple iPhone, Ipod USB Data Cable in White.

So this is the original data cable that is supposed to come with all your Apple devices so iPods, iPhones, iPod Touches, iPod Nanos, all that good stuff will come with this data cable and now they normally send it with the adapter which we do also have sold separately but if you just needing the data cable this is the item that you probably looking for.

As you can see I actually purchased one for my iPhone 4s and now it works really well for that. It is the original Apple part and that is the part number here, MA591G. And maybe you lost the data cable and you just need the replace it and don’t want pay the full price that Apple has on their website and you want to purchase for a better price then this is probably will probably do it for you.

And if you guys have a sort of type of like a thick case on your iPhone 4s,or not even just at that, iPhone 4 or 4s but for your iPod or other devices, you guys might have like an Otterbox or Trident or something like that on there where it kind of covers that port, the charging port it’s not going to really work for the aftermarket chargers that We have. Because that this portion right here the plastic part is actually made a little bit thicker for, you know for the other manufacturers make it a little bit thicker. So it won't actually fit all the way in.

So if you guys having a trouble this is better, this works a lot better, the plastic is made thinner so that it just fits right into your iPod or your Apple device and has one end USB and the other one will plug in and it works as a sync. It will connect to your iTunes and do all that stuff just as the original one, original cable, would. So definitely a good item to have just as a backup or as a replacement if you lost the original one. Maybe you went on vacation and forgot to bring it back. Maybe you lent it to someone and they never gave it back. Whatever the case may be, I always recommend this item over aftermarket.

We do have one cheaper if this doesn’t fit with your budget we do have one available for cheaper but of course I always recommend original part manufactured items. If you guys have seen my other videos, I’m really big on that just because I personally feel that it’s made of better materials, better quality, and things like that. It does support the USB 2.0 standard and maximum data transfer speeds. It's just saying that it transfers data quickly if you had a lot of pictures or something like that in your device and it would probably work perfectly for you.

So far we only have one review and I would like to know what you guys thinking about this item. Hopefully it works as well for you as it does for me. This one I purchased just to have at my work. I have the original one still at home but, you know, it’s inconvenient for me just to take that one here with me everywhere I go so if you guys are finding yourself in the same situation as I am in, then ,you know, it’s working really well on me, so I'll just let you guys know about that.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to give us a call, or live chat with us, or send us an e-mail, we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you guys might have. But for now thank you for tuning in and remember you got it from the Geek.

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