Whattup guys, this is JchunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Original Otterbox Commuter Series Blackberry Bold 9900, 9930 Hard Case with Screen Protector in black.

So this is the Commuter series, it does not come with the holster, if you're looking for the holster you are looking for the Defender series which is the highest protective case that we have and currently offer.

But this one's more ideal for someone who just wants it for everyday use, not in too harsh of a condition or anything like that, maybe you have kids and just want to keep that extra protection. This is probably the one you are looking for.

This item is like dual layer so it has a silicone and hard case that kind of work together to protect your phone all around. It comes with a film screen protector, it does not comes with a built in screen protector. Again, if you're looking for that than you're looking for the Defender series so check that out.

This one does come with the screen protector that you would have to apply yourself, it's really simple. Luckily the screen is not too big so it should be a lot easier. It does come with the microfiber cleaning cloth also the squeegee card to push out all the bubbles.

Also it comes in this nice packaging, it's retail packaging made from Otterbox so you know that its real.

If you could tell from the picture here, first how it works is that you will just put your phone into the silicone case and that's going to fit nice and snug in there. As you can see all the buttons on the side, everywhere is covered so none of that gets damaged. And there's precise cutouts for the camera and flash and all that stuff, speaker, mic and all that, other than that, everything else is covered so you don’t damage your buttons or charging port and things like that. You still have full access, you don’t have to remove the case whenever you want to charge your phone. But it might a little difficult if you want to access the battery in the back cover so you have to remove the case.

Other than that if you don’t have any battery problems and don't need to access the back too much then it shouldn't be a problem.
Over the silicone, you would apply and snap on the plastic case, it’s a hard shell, it's made of a durable plastic so even if you drop it to the floor you have a dual layer protection. Again they specifically designed it with protection in mind.

As you can see on the corner, it has silicone protection that's going to offer that shock absorbent protection and prevent your phone from getting damaged and also protect your plastic case portion from scratching or breaking. So that's very helpful and it's strategically designed that way.

It's really smart Otterbox and they are a really good company for doing and mainly keeping that design.

This case does not protect from water damage though, the logo might be kind of deceiving but it does not protect from water damage. It's not a water proof case. Protects from moisturet of course, so if you drop it to a puddle than it would help it. If the phone dropped into a toilet or something like that, it will not protect it from that, just want to clear that up. Sometimes it's a common question that we get.

So again this is a very ideal for everyday use, for parents, moms, dads who have kids, maybe you`re a teacher that's around kids a lot. Some of that if you find yourself in those kind of situations, you would want that, not a full protection, just the good enough protection for everyday use.

Take the advantage and take the item today, the commuter series blackberry bold case today, we have free shipping for you guys, all day, every day so again, take advantage of that and get your phone protected.

Thanks for tuning in guys and remember you got it from a geek.

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