Hey guys, Camera Geek here from AccessoryGeeks.com showing you today a Pantech Hotshot rubberized heart case in black this is not unlike most of are hard cases this is a light plastic it’s not very sick but it is very durable it’s great at protecting your phone from bumps and scratches and things like that this one though has a rubberized back it’s I believe of very thin layer of silicone might be some other material but it is rubbery feel nice the hands gives the phone a little bit of extra grip and you know helps protect it from like really small all things like that but mostly just bumps and scratches this gives you full axis all your buttons and ports there is camera not sure that would be the flash poleaxed you screen the buttons on the front there is no screen protector included with this here is your volume rocker of us Greenlaw and of HDMI out and charging dock not sure never seen this phone that’s probably headphone Jack really like I mentioned is no screen protector included this so if you wonder protector screen you never grab one of those extra and this… A really good case him it you know it does it’s job doesn’t well it’s not an extreme case this for people who just want to have stumbled but that extra protection on the phone this’ll deftly do that anyway guys if you have anymore questions regarding the Pantech Hotshot rubberized heart case in black or because of question about any the items we have here at AccessoryGeeks.com Lisa hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-GEEKS-93 or you can contact us via live chat this or e-mail our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific standard time and as always there is free shipping to the US and Canada this been this is been Camera Geek guys and remember that you got it from a geek
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