Hey guys Maxine here at AccessoryGeeks.com.
I have in front in front of me the Apple iPad iPhone 4 as well as a case from Passion Accessories.
Now, what Passion Accessories does is they help to raise awareness and funds by spreading the word about the deadly disease childhood Alzheimer’s also known as Niemann Pick Type C. It is a devastating disease that affects the brain, liver, spleen and lungs and it can cause problems with speech, swelling, balance and fine motor skills.
Now all proceeds from Passion Accessories go directly to help fight childhood Alzheimer’s disease and it is a direct support of the Hadley Hope Fund which is working to find a cure for Niemann Pick Type C. So the case I have in front of me is the courage design featuring quote from Joshua.
We also feature love and strength designs on our website at accessory geeks.com so you can check those out.
The button is going to go ahead and set the case on to the phones so you can see that it doesn’t affect any of the functionality of your device and all the ports are still open and accessible.
So that nothing is hindered and everything remains open.
The case is also sleek so that it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your iphone 4 and it is a great design and a great case for a great cause so check it out at AccessoryGeeks.com and don’t forget that you got it from a geek.