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Hey guys, MarvelGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com just doing a quick review over the black PayAnywhere universal mobile credit card processor. It’s this little device right here if you can see that and it’s the new rage in terms of credit card processing. This is the package for it.

But what basically this does is you can hook it up to your smartphone and actually take credit card payments on the go. This is great for those of you with small businesses that work at trade shows, craft shows, or anything where you don’t actually have a credit card solution where you’re at and still want to conduct business.

So it’s very simple. There’s a 3.5mm jack here and you just put it in like my phone here, plug it into the top like so and basically swipe the card on the top there and you can process credit card transactions.

It’s a really great product not only because for $10.00 you get the PayAnywhere product but you can actually get the tracking software that comes with it to track your sales and there’s actually a website that associates with the PayAnywhere product that allows you to see your account and your transactions as well.

You can actually connect it to a printer and can actually print out receipts for payments so if you have a wireless printer on you, you can swipe the credit card, say “Hey, give me one second. I’m going to swipe this. Here is your receipt. Here you are, you’re good to go. Have a nice day.”

It’s really convenient. It even has something like a tip calculator on there so if you’re doing businesses that require tips or anything like that, it’s got a great calculator for that.

It’s also very customizable. You can do inventory and pricing on it which is great for the everyday user, like myself. I actually do business like this too but also for those of you running larger businesses to maybe go out and make some sales calls or go out and do business on the road. You don’t necessarily need to have a big credit card reader or have to process something when you get back to the office.

There’s two other things you should really get to know about this. One, at the price going $10.00, great price, sounds great for something like this. Not only that, you can see here that you can get a $10.00 rebate after you activate it so once you get it through and you actually activate this product, you get $10.00 in credit transactions back onto your account. So for every time you swipe a card, you do pay a small processing fee like all credit card transactions out there but this one, you pay $10.00 for it and you get $10.00 right back which is great so you’re basically getting it for free. If you know why you’re using this, you’re getting it for free. Not only that, if you look here on the top, it’s kind of hard to see on the box but your first $1,000.00 in transactions are absolutely free. So the company itself, as long as, you know, you set it up your account and do everything properly, of course with all the notes and you get $1,000.00 transaction fees refunded back to you which is great. So you get a chance to use it and again if you’re a big business using this kind of product, it’s amazing for you because you’re saving time, you’re saving money to begin with. You’re getting those $10.00 back and $1,000.00 in transaction fees back and you do a great job at promoting business. It’s something that I use and something that even if, running small business like that, it’s great for anyone. So that’s pretty much it.

That’s the black PayAnywhere universal mobile credit card processor. My name is MarvelGeek and remember you just got it from a geek.