Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And today I have the Premium Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS screen protectors that comes in six-pack. Basically these are all the same. Each package comes with two of them. And this whole entire package is actually on sale for $9.99. So for $10 you actually get six Premium screen protectors for your iPhone 3G and 3GS. I’ll actually briefly kind of flash it to you. They all look the same like this. You can kind of see it on the camera and if you can see all the holes and the ports, like the home button you can actually tear it off. And I have here – this is Dodger Geek’s cell phone – basically it will go on to here and if you need some instructional video on this check out our other videos. And this is probably the link right down there so make sure you check the link for the screen protector installation videos. But again for six screen protectors, as good as a screen protector goes it is just like this, some other effects, like the mirror, the anti-glare, and we also have the privacy screen one. The whole purpose of having a screen protector of course is to protect the screen of your phone. The iPhone, no matter what model, is known to be one of the most fragile phones out there that looks really, really good. Steve Jobs even compared it like a camera and I think it’s really true but it is also one of the most fragile phones out there, like the most fragile Smartphone out there, so you need to protect the screen. The corners actually you can just tear it off so it is perfect fit for the 3G and 3GS. You don’t have to worry about the fit. It’s to protect your screen; it’s an essential thing. I personally, whenever I buy a new phone, I always buy screen protectors to go along with it and a case; sometimes a case breaks way before the screen protector breaks. I’ve been using the same screen protector since I got my phone which was about eight months ago. It’s still working fine, saves me from a lot of scratches and drops, and for less than $10 you’re getting six. You can share these with your friends, they just have to pay you like a dollar or two each. Not to mention that if you are a subscriber to our YouTube channel or any of our social media networks you can actually ask us for a 15% off and that we refresh every two weeks so you have to actually ask us, talk to us geeks. We’re lonely geeks that need [inaudible 2:54]. But yes, ask us, 15% off so you get it way cheaper than $10 free shipping to US and Canada. This is the six-pack Premium Apple iPhone 33G and 3GS high quality screen protectors that you can share with yourself, with your friends. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.