Hey guys, Camera Geek here this week geeks.com showing you today a premium Motorola barrage and optical holster face inward with now like I mentioned this for the Motorola barrage and go is holster will allow you to hundred and were warehouse or home or for picking little streams sure what the and word really get any phone streams it is indeed this but anyway this features a very durable plastic and 60 really tough I don’t think that I can predict Monday. He but and I’m not ashamed and as I understand but him him him and then I don’t think that but it’s a very lasting anyway trying really you need clip is also a fully plastic clip this is a slip and swivels in need Ariz or more than hundred and 90° in either direction and is that is a in the hundred and 90 direction on this is 90° anyway the phone clips onto the some of your and you little signal is probably really good for construction making some sort is you really Kenneth Tomlinson because I understand that the run home or work like that letter. Durable so the only one. Piece of to: anyway guys if you wish regarding the pre-1 want to go holster that this is a put or because the items we have here at the screen, these are hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-GEEKS-93 or you can contact us via live chat is office hours are Monday any agent p.m. Pacific standard time and Canada this been camera geek guys that you got it from a geek.
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