Hey Geeks! Why are iPhone cases becoming such prevalent entities these days? Not to mention all the vogue that comes with them, iPhone cases can come in handy when it comes to protecting your phone from prospective disasters!  There are so many different varieties of iPhone cases. Silicone cases, plastic cases, leather cases, feather cases, and new innovative designs from renowned brands are hitting the entire world! They all serve the same purpose but depending on your style and preference of materials, you can pick from these choices. Each type of cell phone case has its pros and cons.  For example, silicones cases are very affordable, comfortable to touch, and provide a non-slip grip that can help prevent you from dropping your phone. However, their rubbery surface may cause dust and lint to accumulate on the case. Plastic cases in other hand can have designs printed on them and don’t collect much dust and lint as in silicone cases. Yet they can potentially scratch up your phone if they are not installed properly and also break easily if placed or dropped in a certain way. Leather cases give a classy, sophisticated, and glamorous look to your phone, but are not as cheap. If you are looking for design and solid protection, several brands such as Otterbox, Casemate, Incipio, and Speck carry innovative, technologically advanced cases. In the end, it’s all up to you! Your preference, wallet situation, and many other factors can affect your choice in choosing the right cell phone cases. Let me introduce some of the praiseworthy cases that are featured at AccessoryGeeks.com that you can choose from based on your situation.

One notable iPhone case featured in AccessoryGeeks.com is Apple iPhone 3Gs silicone case. Like I mentioned earlier, one of the greatest benefits of having a silicone case on your phone is that it provides a non-slip grip.  You all know that the number one solution to any disaster starts with prevention. Well, silicone cases can provide that necessary grip in order to minimize your chances of dropping your phone. The non-slip texture can help your iPhone adhere to the surface of the table effectively, producing more static friction, and in turn prevent your phone from falling on the floor in an event of earthquake. It would also be nice to have an attractive design that stands out as well. You can’t go wrong with this intricate puzzle design. For those who like one solid color with a design on it, this is the perfect model for you! Dazzle others with this unique and interesting design! Don’t be just another number. Stand out with this puzzle piece design. These are on sale for $9.99.

Well, what if you are looking for plastic covers? While most plastic cases add bulky look to your phone, AccessoryGeeks’ Case-Mate iPhone 3G Barely There Case will change that notion forever! Are you one of those people who don’t like plastic cases due to this potential risk of adding bulk to your iPhone? Well, worry no more! There is a reason why the product is called the “Barely There Case”! These brand new cases are designed to accentuate the beautiful design of your iPhone.  Unlike other plastic cases out on the market, this case provides the same amount of protection while maintaining a remarkably slim profile! It is backed up by the Case-Mate brand, so you can trust the quality! That’s not it folks! Function is important, but a refreshingly original design can also make the right fashion statement about you. Especially on a black case, water droplet design casts a perfect chiaroscuro. From a distance, this artistic blend of water droplet texture on a smooth surface creates a mystically optical illusion. Trick your friends into having the impression that your phone is wet! Protection, style, and entertainment all come with this package. This case is currently on sale for $19.99 at AccessoryGeeks.com.

If you are a die-hard fan of iPhone accessories, you probably have heard of the brand Incipio. Take a look at AccessoryGeeks’ Incipio Dotties Apple iPhone 3GS Silicone case. These cases come with 15 colored dots with 30 additional colorful ones, allowing you to do the unthinkable, make magic with polka-dots. Choose from white, glow in the dark and charcoal dots to rearrange and customize your case according to your mood, style or outfit. While, these cases are deliciously fashionable, they also provide excellent protection for your iPhone. In fact, they are made out of high density silicone, which means that these cases are remarkably impact-resistant. In addition, these cases are designed so that all the ports, buttons, and functions are easily accessible. These wonderful Incipio Cases are on sale for only $24.99. Do not miss out on this great deal and get yourself one today at AccessoryGeeks.com.

Speck is another prominent iPhone case brand on the market. AccessoryGeeks carries the Speck Apple iPhone 3G ToughSkin Case for those who are looking for solid protection and supreme durability. This case’s durability is exemplified with its “military-grade” look and feel. The rugged outer shell looks very tactical.  If these cases were in the military, they would definitely be a Navy S.E.A.L. since they are effectively functional, pragmatic, and an elite performer. Speck is on a mission to produce line of spirited, fun and unique products.  This unique and striking design infused with a tough skin is representative of Speck’s endeavor to merge fashion with function.

Subsequently, when it comes to “defending” your iPhone from danger, there is nothing like AccessoryGeeks’ Otterbox iPhone 3G Defender case! Let me first introduce some background information on Otterbox. Ever since 1998, beginning with a simple box concept, OtterBox never failed to deliver hard work, creativity and perseverance reflected on their products of the highest caliber. This case is representative of OtterBox’s tradition, foundation and aspiration. Unlike most cases out there in the market, this case provides one of the most comprehensive protections for your iPhone, which can only be obtained through 3 layers of solid protection. First, a thin, clear membrane covers your Touch Screen to help prevent scratches and dings. Second is a hard, strong Polycarbonate skeleton that surrounds your device. Wrapped around all of this is a Silicone skin that absorbs bump and shock. These multiple layers offer tank-like protection from hazardous drops, falls and water damage.  With your phone safely secured in an OtterBox case, you and your phone can tackle the elements with confidence. OtterBox cases offer superior protection while allowing easy access to your phone’s ports and buttons. Otters display a strange, yet brilliant behavior of consuming shellfish and other invertebrates with hard exoskeletons by using rocks to smash their shells. In another word, Otters are handy and crafty with hard and durable objects. OtterBox lives up to their name. Let OtterBox take care of defending your iPhone with their defender!

Well geeks, next time you are thinking about purchasing durable and fashionable iPhone cases, think AccessoryGeeks. Expert geeks at AccessoryGeeks.com will make sure that you will find what you are looking for. Bye!