Hey Geeks! FoodGeek is here to announce some of accessories out there in the market that will most definitely beautify your beloved cell phones. In this day of increasing fashion trends, even one step late is too late – you want to keep up with your fashion trend in order to not fall behind your peers. How would you feel if you go out to a party and see someone else who has the same accessory as you? There you were thinking, “Geez, I thought I was the only one who had such a unique design.” What happened? Or maybe you noticed someone else’s shockingly original accessory and just could not take your eyes off of it. Well, I have good news for you. You don’t have to deal with accessory inferiority ever again. Here at AccessoryGeeks, we offer different varieties of chic accessories that will ameliorate your cell phone’s appearance.

Check out AccessoryGeeks’ Universal Horizontal Pouch with Belt Clip–Black and White Giraffe. This product is definitely a hot item for the ladies out there. I’m pretty sure most of you girls or guys with heightened sense of fashion have owned a cell phone pouch before. While there are many different kinds of cell phone pouches out there, I want to bring this one to your attention. You might think my choice is biased, considering that black and white are my favorite colors. However, observe and scrutinize the design of this bag more carefully. You will find that it’s not just a mixture of monochromatic colors that define this product to be of special interest. This animal-like design creates pleasant ambiguity. If your friend asks you, “Oh my gosh, is that a zebra design?” Then you can say, “No, it’s a special black and white giraffe design!” If asked otherwise, you can answer them vice versa. Also, did I forget to mention this pouch provides protection for your cell phones from injuries and scratches? Just simply slip your phone into the pouch and feel invincible! It’s fun, functional, and entertaining. These pouches are attention grabbers, so don’t be surprised to receive all these unexpected attentions.

You are a stranger to this world if you don’t know who or what Ed Hardy is. Yes, there is truth in that statement. Ed Hardy is a renowned global symbol in the fashion industry. When you look at Ed Hardy’s expertise and background, it’s no surprise that his design is the epitome of unparalleled artwork. Built upon foundation of infusing traditional American artwork with Japanese style taught by prominent Japanese classical tattoo master, Horihide, Ed Hardy strives to produce line of works that are inimitable. As his mission to fulfill everyone’s life with aesthetic beauty, Don Ed Hardy has been collaborating with Christian Audigier, a French fashion designer and entrepreneur, in order to produce clothes, hats, and even shoes with his groundbreaking designs. Well, guess what? Now there are Ed Hardy brand cell phone cover cases! You can now find his famous skull and heart design imprinted on the back of your iPhone 3GS 3G back cover case. This Genuine Ed Hardy Apple iPhone 3GS 3G Tattoo Faceplate Back Cover Case – Love Kills Slowly Design provides an artistic aegis for your beautiful iPhones! It will fit your iPhone perfectly as all the buttons, ports, and camera lens are easily accessible. Also, as an appreciation for your taste, we will include a screen protector film for your iPhone. Rock your iPhone with this classic Ed Hardy design and remember, “Love Kills Slowly”.

I know from experience that it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation to play around with Rubik’s cube when you see one. Even if you can’t solve it, you feel that with enough time and effort you would have a chance at solving it.  Well, now it’s a time to test out your actual skills with AccessoryGeeks’ MOBO Licensed Mini Rubik’s Cube Cell Phone Charm. You can never go wrong with these bad boys. Just simply connect them to your cell phone and “charm” your way to becoming a one of a kind owner of this unique accessory. Be lost in your own world by trying to solve this complex Rubik’s cube next time you are waiting in line.  Make your childhood dream of solving the Rubik’s cube puzzle a reality with this must-have accessory. People will be entranced by this combination of yellow, blue, red, green, white, and orange colors. “Charm” your significant others with sophistication with this Mini Rubik’s Cube.

Well Geeks, isn’t it surprising how changing your cell phone accessories can improve your overall experience? Well believe it, they have all been field tested. Everyone who has had these products was approached by people. Their popularity soared out of control! If you can handle this drastic life change, I suggest you check out these aforementioned accessories. Hope this helped. See you later!