If you need with cell phone charms, then our Cell Phone Charms Buyer’s Guide will help you! Cell phone charms are the latest and easiest way to personalize cell phones without spending too much. Cell phone charms is the more affordable alternative and with so many choices, you can be sure to find the one you want. Here on this page, we will guide you through the two different methods on how to install and put your cell phone to use.

First there are two choices: (1) How to install with a cell phone loop/hook included and (2) How to install using one of Accessory Geeks adhesive ‘O’ ring (sold separately).

These set of instructions will guide you through on How to install the cell phone charm with a loop hole/hook


1. Them charm or strap will have a small thin cord which is included part of the charm. Simply push the cord section and thread it through the cell phone strap hole. By following the picture included on the bottom, you will see that it is labeled 1 in the picture included below. The hole size and location may vary depending on the cell phones.

2. If you need some help, it would be easier for you to use a sharp pin to get the thin cord through the cell phone hole. Some people used a piece of thread or hair to help push the cord in. This is show in picture two with a thumb jack.

3. You then take the charm and feed it through the loop of the line cord as show in the 3rd picture.

4. Finally for the last step, you pull the charm all the way through and tighten it as show in picture 4.

Now if you don’t have a loop hole/hook (for some phones), then you can always get a adhesive ‘O’ ring (sold separately) for the cell phone charm. These second set of instructions will guide you through on How to apply the adhesive ‘O’ ring and the cell phone charm itself.


1. First get yourself a adhesive ‘O’ ring (sold separately) from AccessoryGeeks.com.

2. The ‘O’ ring is adhesive, so you simple peel off the film protecting the sticker and you stick the ‘O’ ring to any place where you want the charm to be.

3. A note: the adhesive ‘O’ ring can be applied to any kind of device like Cell phones, Apple iPods, Cameras, Keychains and more.

4. One you have the ‘O’ ring stuck onto the phone, it may be in a position like the one shown in the two photos. The ‘O’ ring id stuck onto a phone and Apple iPod.

5. Then follow the instructions above and installing the cell phone charm will be the same steps applied.