Droid~ Droid~ Droid~” (sound effect) Uh oh! Quickly, go run and hide! We are currently under attack by technologically advanced alien species. We have no way of retaliating as the world has yet to witness such a sophisticated and versatile “being”. Here comes the DROID X!! People just can’t seem to cope with its extraterrestrial brilliance. There are so many functions and features. State of the art GPS system for navigation, 8 mega pixel camera lens for clear photos and HD video capability, incredibly large 4.3 inch LCD screen, a myriad of fun and useful applications, an HDMI connection and tethering capability are just few of many other “damages” that can be done with the Droid X. We are not sure why they decided to invade us, but AccessoryGeeks’ surely can use them towards our advantage. To maintain these functions and perhaps optimize your Droid X experience, AccessoryGeeks offers many great “avatars” for them. Here are the top 5 recommended items:

Car Suction Mount

One of the most practical and useful features of the Droid X is its built in GPS system. In order to utilize this navigation system to its full extent, the phone should be placed in a convenient location where the screen is visible and accessible while driving. This is precisely the reason why AccessoryGeeks strongly recommends the Motorola Droid X Mount. Installation is very easy – simply press the rubber suction area of the mount to your window surface. This mount is perfect for taking full advantage of your Droid X’s GPS system with its turn by turn directions, a feature exclusive to Android phones. With this mount, you can turn your phone into the ultimate personal navigation device not only in function-wise, but appearance-wise as well.   In addition, you can also turn your phone into a MP3 head unit – place your phone on the mount and plug the 3.5 mm cable to your car’s auxiliary port to play music from your phone on your vehicle speakers.  Furthermore, you can enjoy video clips or movies in the comfort of your car, passengers only of course. This mount is adjustable to your viewing preference. Its potential and application is only limited by your creativity; use this mount to transform your Droid X into a navigation device, a MP3 head unit, or a mini theatre. Let your imagination choose how you want to utilize this mount!

USB Car Charger

Even with Droid X’s incredible amount of stock Micro USB Car Charger allows you to plug your Droid X into your car outlet and keep your beloved Droid X alive!  The turn-by-turn navigation feature, especially, uses a lot of battery power. What would you do if you are driving through the unfamiliar area where using the GPS would be convenient, but you don’t have much battery power left to pick up an important call or make an emergency call? Get rid of this potential dilemma completely with this portable car charger. Use your phone as much as you want in the car while charging your phone at the same time! And you don’t have to be worried about overcharging your phone! These chargers are equipped with integrated overcharging prevention that will help prevent battery explosions.  Lastly, remember when I said that this charger is the most economical solution to the battery problem? Well guess what? 3 chargers are on sale for $9.99 for limited time only!

Screen Protector

The reason for getting a screen protector is pretty obvious, isn’t it? The DROID X deserves more delicate and special attention compared to many other phones. Protecting the screen is important, but it is crucial when it comes to protecting the large, 4.3 inch screen! With the DROID X, chances are you will run into the danger of scratching, scraping, and abrading your phone screen from the frequent uses. Not to mention all the fingerprints and oil smudges from those admirers of your DROID X, playing with your phone.  Free yourself from this stress with AccessoryGeeks’ Motorola Droid X Screen Protector!


The Motorola Droid X replacement battery is a must-have item for those users who converse a lot on their phone, browse the web constantly, and utilize multimedia such as music and video frequently. It allows you to use your phone to your heart’s full content without worrying about running out of battery. Next time you are on the go and running out of battery, have the peace of mind knowing that you have many extra hours packed into this spare battery. Replacing the battery is simple, thanks to the Droid X’s easily accessible battery door.

HDMI Multimedia Station

Looking for fun and innovative ways to transfer data from and to your PC? The Motorola Droid X multimedia docking station that serves as a dock to connect to your PC to transfer data. The Droid X has exceptional multimedia capabilities. Why not use them to their full extent? This dock allows you to view your pictures and HD video content stored in your DROID x on any HDTV or monitor that has an HDMI port using a compatible HDMI cable. When the TV is not available, this dock serves to play music, view pictures, display the weather and time all in a dock-optimized format. Oh and did I forget to mention that this devices charges the phone when the phone is docked? This dock truly is the best way to maximize the Droid X’s multimedia and entertainment capabilities.