Hello geeks, Food geek here!  I was enjoying my 5th meal for lunch at the park this afternoon, and was taken aback by the trees.  It wasn’t until today that I gained a true appreciation for trees, thanks to the beautiful textured appearance of the trunks and the fresh scent. Then, I had an epiphany. I was staring at my iphone cover and thought, “Geez, my case looks so plain and obsolete!” I wish I had an iphone case made out of wood. Surprisingly, AccessoryGeeks already has this innovative product on stock! I was slightly disappointed at first, as I thought that surely I had come up with a revolutionary idea.  I was truly impressed by the design of the wood cases.  It was just like I had imagined during my lunch time! Allow me to introduce this innovative product to you, as we em‘bark’ on a tour of new wood cases!

AccessoryGeeks carries TPhone Hard Wood Cases for iPhone 3G, 3GS. These one-of-a-kind cases are made with 100% real wood and add sleek, “natural” looks to your phone while providing solid protection. Unlike other wood cases out in the market (i.e. bamboo cases that are made from many pieces glued together), our exclusive Tphone cases are made from one piece of wood! In addition, these covers emit subtle, natural wood scent that will eliminate unpleasant odors in your bags or pockets! Can you believe this?

These cases are made from many different types of wood such as light beech wood, dark beech wood, dark rose wood, Jackfruit wood, Gmelina wood, and teak wood. You are probably wondering what the differences are among these various types of wood. Well, let me provide you with a quick guide on distinguishing between these awesome woods. Beechwood is native to temperate Europe, Asia, and North America and heavily used in making of wood biscuits used in joining other pieces of wood together due to its moist property. Rosewood has richly hued timbers, often brownish with darker veining, but found in many different hues. They are strong and heavy, taking an excellent polish, being suitable for guitars, turnery, handles, furniture, luxury flooring, etc. Jackfruit is a species of tree in the mulberry family, which is native to parts of Southern and Southeast Asia. It is mainly used for the production of musical instruments, manufacturing of furniture, doors and windows, and in roof construction. Also, it is used as a dye by Buddhist forest monastics in Southeast Asia, giving the robes of the monks in those traditions their distinctive light brown color. Gmelina, the white beech, is a rainforest tree of eastern Australia. It is prized for templates, pattern making, house construction, planking for boat hulls, flooring, carriage work, wood carving and cabinet work. Teak is a yellowish brown timber with good grains and texture. It is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, boat decks, and other articles where weather resistance is desired. It is also used for cutting boards, indoor flooring, countertops and as a veneer for indoor furnishings. Take your pick! They all are refreshingly original! Even though two cases may have the same color, no two cases are identical.  Since the cases are made entirely of wood, the tone and texture is unique to every individual case!

All you need to do is simply snap this cover on the back of your phone for supreme protection. Do you need to put it on and take it off every time you need to use your phone though? Of course not! These 100% wood covers are precisely crafted for easy access to all buttons, phone features and ports. Also, these cases are finely sanded, and exhibit a smooth, glossy finish that is pleasant to the touch. Here is one geeky fact. Why do so many engineers prefer to construct roller coasters out of wood? It is due to wood’s natural ability to absorb a tremendous amount of shock, and its strong resistance to earthquakes compared to metal! So if you are looking for an incredibly impregnable protection for your phone, resort to one of nature’s strongest material in the world!

Eco-Design creates products for consumers who pursue an eco-friendly life style and embrace the “going green” movement.  All products and packages are made from environmentally-friendly materials. In addition, these cases are bio-degradable and help to minimize your carbon footprint.  While all these cases biodegrade quickly, the Teak wood cases hold the prestigious honor of being crafted out of the fastest regenerating wood.

Many people are becoming more conscious of their impact on the planet, and are utilizing eco-friendly products that are not detrimental to our environment.  Tphone wood cases allow you to show your appreciation for the environment in style, with their unique design and minimal carbon footprint.