Hey Geeks! As a continuation of our series on safe driving, I would like to introduce to you another technology that will enhance your driving experience while contributing to keeping the road safe for everyone else around you! So we know that hands free devices are of importance now-a-days, especially in the State of California where it is illegal to drive while using your cell phone. Not only can you avoid tickets, but driving without holding your cell phone can be beneficial in many ways. First, it is more convenient to converse without holding your phone to your ear. Secondly, it lowers your risk of getting into a car accident. So we have earphones and Bluetooth headsets. Hm…what are we missing? That’s right, speakerphones! I am not talking about the standard speakerphone that comes with your phone, which tends to deliver poor sound quality due to air static. I am talking about state of the art speakerphones that deliver crisp and clear sound during your conversation in the car. AccessoryGeeks offers many kinds of high quality Bluetooth car kits that you will surely find interesting.  The technology is similar to the built in hands free options available in high end luxury cars. Let me introduce some of them to you.

With the Jabra SP200 Speakerphone, you can now drive and talk at the same time. All of you tech-geeks out there probably are aware of the Jabra Bluetooth brand. Well, if you don’t know, Jabra makes one of the best Bluetooth Headsets with supreme sound qualities. In fact, their sound quality technology is so advanced and acknowledged that many helicopter pilots and news reporters prefer to use Jabra headsets. With this information, you know you can trust Jabra, when it comes to ensuring optimal sound quality. A hands-free call while driving is available at the tip of your finger. Simply clip this speakerphone onto the visor of your car for easy access to the answer/end button, adjustable volume wheel, and on/off power switch.  Bluetooth enables this speakerphone to connect wirelessly to your phone so installation is unnecessary. The benefit of having this speakerphone over a Bluetooth headset or earphone is that there is no hassle of placing a device in your ear! With this kit, you can experience the convenience of phone integration that was once only afforded to luxury car owners.  Jabra incorporated DSP voice processing technology which enables this speakerphone to deliver clear sounding details despite loud surrounding noises. In addition, endurance and longevity are words that perfectly describe the battery life of this speakerphone. It’s almost hard to believe that this device provides 10 hours of talk time and 23 days of standby time. Despite this incredible battery stamina, battery will eventually run out sometime. Well, don’t worry! It even comes with a car charger and a USB cable, which enables you to charge this device both inside and outside of your car! It’s almost too good to be true!

I hope this information will provide you with tips and solutions for safe driving. Remember, safety always comes first. Your life and the life of other drivers depend on every single one of us and making the streets safer starts with you.  Next time you are thinking about getting a bluetooth car kit, think Jabra Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone from AccessoryGeeks.com!