Hello geeks! It’s FoodGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com. The next time someone has a panic attack from not having much cell phone battery left and has no charger, impress them with these cool universal battery chargers. They are compact and portable, so they won’t be a burden to carry with you at all times. Why not be prepared for urgent situations where you run out of cell phone battery and left helpless without your charger?  Sure, you can find universal chargers at most cell phones stores and even at a gas station; however, only here at AccessoryGeeks you will find quality chargers at a very affordable price.

Let me start off by sharing good news for those who change their cell phones frequently. Switching phones also means that you need to use different chargers, except for rare cases where your new phone uses your same previous charger. Some might argue that this is not a big deal since brand new phones come with a complementary charger. However, having multiple chargers can be troublesome and confusing at times.  So why not get yourself one universal charger to make your life little bit easier? AccessoryGeeks has the Universal Travel Charger at a very affordable price! It comes with 7 different connectors that are compatible with: mini USB, micro USB, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Apple, and Nokia. You can use these tips to charge various cell phone models under these seven brands. The adapter is attached to a cable that extends out from the main body to a wall outlet. Great thing about it is that it can retract back to the main body which gives it a sleek look. Next time you go on a business trip or a vacation with your friends or family, eliminate the hectic need to take multiple different chargers. All you need to take is this one charger for everyone else to share with – now that’s one less item you need to pack.

In addition, AccessoryGeeks has the Universal Car Charger. It also includes 7 different connectors that are compatible with the brands I previously listed. This vehicle charger has a nice black, smooth finish to it and very light weight. It has full metal tip and contacts. One cool feature is the way the tip is 90 degrees adjustable, allowing you to fold the in any position you prefer to insert into your car AC adapter. Another bonus feature is its LCD screen which indicates charging status. Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a useful accessory in your car at all times? Next time your friends try to use your phone to save minutes or bail out on a plan with their “no cell phone battery”, present them with this charger and enjoy the speechless look in their faces. Or just simply be a person who is “ahead” of the curve.

I know that all of you understand the convenience of owning a universal car and wall chargers. But I can’t help but to feel like some of you technophisticated folks out there just don’t find them intriguing. Rest assured, as I am sure you will be impressed with this next invention that I am about to divulge to my fellow geeks. Be prepared to have your mind blown away! Allow me to introduce AccessoryGeeks’ Powermat Portable Charging Mat with Powercube with 8 charge Tips! This innovative and revolutionary charger is a must-have item for those looking to satisfy their desire to charge multiple electronic devices simultaneously in one spot!  We all have dealt with the drudgery of locating power outlets and occasionally undoing all the cords that were intertwined in a tangled mess.  You can now avoid these headaches with the Powermat Universal Portable Charging Mat! Lose the cords! All you need is one main cord to power the charging mat and witness its remarkable versatility! It wirelessly charges up to 3 Powermat-enabled devices at the same time.  This is how it works. It uses magnetic induction and proprietary Powermat technology to charge your handheld devices quickly, efficiently, and wirelessly. A magnetic attraction between each Receiver and access point guarantees perfect alignment, which enables your electronic devices to be charged faster more efficiently than the original power adapter. It kind of changes the myth about wireless chargers being less efficient than cords, doesn’t it?  To get the full wireless charging experience, a wireless receiver case must be placed on the phone.  AccessoryGeeks currently carries Receiver Cases for Apple iPhone 3G 3GS and various Blackberry models.  If a receiver case is not available for your phone, then the Powermat Powercube must be utilized.  To charge a phone using the powercube, the cube must be placed on the mat.  Then, the phone is connected to the cube and does not have to sit on the mat while charging.  The Universal Powercube is included in the package, and has 8 charging tips that allow you to charge thousands of devices.  Compatible devices range from Kindles, eReaders, digital Kodak cameras, Bluetooth headsets, handheld game players and countless cell phone brands and models.  It is foldable, portable and perfect for travel.

Remember, not all cell phone chargers are equal. It’s the design and the efficiency that sets them apart. Universal Battery Chargers at AccessoryGeeks.com assures these two criteria. Well, Geeks! That’s it for today.