Hello Geeks! Welcome to another geeky discussion of cell phone cases. I have heard many different dissenting opinions about plastic and silicone cell phone cases. I have finally taken this matter in to my own hands and decided to do some proper research on it.
As demand for brand new phones increases, so do people’s love and attachment for them. Imagine buying a brand new iPhone only to scratch or crack the screen due to not having the proper protection on it. Buying a cell phone case is just as essential as getting a new phone these days. So here is a question. What kind of case is the best choice for my phone? Should I buy a silicone/rubberized case or a hard plastic case? Both provide the necessary protection for your phone, yet there are couple of notable differences.

Silicone cases are very flexible and are easy to put on your phone. Also, they are made from resilient and shock-absorbing materials which can protect your phone from nasty drops. The soft, jelly-like texture is an appealing trait of silicone cases. Moreover, silicone cases provide stronger grip and adherence to surfaces. This can prevent many heart-breaking accidents, such as your phone falling off the table. The downside, however, is that silicone cases can attract dust and lint from your bag or pockets which can give your phone a messy appearance. Another con is that silicone cases do not have elaborate or unique designs placed on them.

Plastic cell phone cases on the other hand, do not collect lint and dust as easily as silicone cases do. Their glossy surfaces allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. Also, they are extremely durable and offer solid protection against heavy stress. The cases often come with unique designs that enhance the aesthetic beauty of your phone. However, their inflexible and rigid surfaces are more prone to show scratches and harder to put on the phone. Also, they are more expensive and add more bulk to your phone than silicone cases do.
Both cases provide the same function, but you must compensate one trait for another. If you are looking for convenience, I would go with silicone cases since they are much more flexible and easier to put on your phone than hard plastic cases. However, if you are looking for more style, I would definitely go with fashionable plastic covers.

I hope I have provided with valuable comparison for my fellow geeks! AccessoryGeeks provide huge varieties of plastic and silicone cases to choose from. Check out AccessoryGeeks next time you are looking for either a plastic or silicone cases!