Q: What is a premium case?
A: A premium cell phone case is longer lasting and more durable version of the regular cases. Premium cases also tend to be thicker in width thus providing the ability to absorb more impact and more protection, while covering the same area of protection as a non-premium case.

Q: What is a non-premium case?
A: A non-premium case or a regular case is also durable, lasting, but a bit thinner than a premium case. It offers the same amount of protection coverage, but the main difference is the thinner material used.

Q: So the difference is thicker and thinner cases?
A: In a way, yes. However, Premium leather cases have better stitching with stronger leather. Premium silicone cases have a thicker silicone material. Premium plastic cases have a stronger and thicker plastic mold.

Q: How will I notice the difference?
A: We decribe each items clearly if they are premium or not. If it has the word ‘premium’ in its name like, “Apple iPhone Premium Plastic Case” then it is a premium case.

Q: How do I know which one to get?
A: Right below there is a list of a premium and regular case and a short description about each type of case.

Premium Plastic Case

  • Stronger custom plastic mold to phone
  • Protection from dings, scratches and drops from everyday usage
  • Full functionality
  • Light weight and durable
  • Thicker mold

A Premium plastic case is a harder and more durable plastic which has been molded to a certain phone’s dimensions like Apple 3G iPhone. Each plastic case will have a snug fit on each phone and comes in various colors and designs, so you can choose whichever case you like.
If you would like to have a belt clip available for the case, always check the back of plastic case. If it is a smooth backing without the swivel belt clip base, then it does have the function of a belt clip available. But if there is a swivel belt clip base, you may or may not use the belt clip. However, the swivel belt clip base can also be easily removed or installed if it is there originally.

Premium Leather Case

  • Customized protection for phone
  • Higher quality premium leather for longer lasting usage
  • Stronger case stitching
  • Molded with thicker stronger leather

A Premium leather case is built with premium quality leather and thus providing more durable strengthened protection of the phone. The premium leather case is stronger so it can endure more and last longer compared to regular leather cases.
Like-wise, some leather cases come with a belt clip or an attached clip. If a clip is attached, the belt clip cannot be taken off.