Hi Geeks! After witnessing the death of my very close companion earlier today, I want to raise an awareness campaign in order to emphasize the importance and benefits of preparing ahead for such unexpected events.  Preparation for sudden emergencies and accidents are essential since they are bound to happen anytime and anywhere. Although it hurts for me to recollect, I would like to share today’s agonizing experience with you all in a hope that you can perhaps prevent your cell phones from dying. This technological pandemic takes place every day. Even as we speak, the death toll of cell phones is constantly rising.  Only if we can truly grasp the gravity of this global calamity, we will soon realize that we can be immune from encountering such misfortune. That’s right. We can prevent our cell phones from dying by equipping ourselves with spare and extended cell phone batteries.  As multimedia and data use on cell phones increase, the short battery life pandemic also increases.  It’s time to get your cell phone” vaccinated” with spare battery and extended batteries from AccessoryGeeks.com. Except for the iPhone, regular replacement batteries and extended batteries are readily available for various cell phone brands.  AccessoryGeeks carries over 13,000+ spare and extended batteries you can choose from. I would like to highlight some notable batteries for some of the most popular phones.

The Blackberry Bold Extended battery with Battery Door provides a significant boost in battery life compared to standard batteries. This allows the greater flexibility to check emails, make calls and access multimedia without worrying about running out of battery.  It’s 100% compatible with your Blackberry Bold, with a special battery door included to house the extra protrusion caused by the battery.  Unlike other batteries, this is memory-effect-free, which means that it won’t lose maximum charge capacity from repeated charging.  This extended battery nearly doubles the capacity of the standard battery.  While there is increased bulk, users who do not want to carry an extra battery but who want their phone to last all day under heavy usage will easily overlook the extra heft.

If you prefer a slimmer and original look, AccessoryGeeks also has the Original Motorola Droid X Standard battery. This case will take care of the bulky look associated with the extended battery pack. While it does not provide all that entire extra talk time that comes with the extended battery pack, you can still expect the same high quality and performance of your original battery.  Installation is easy, as switching batteries is as simple as removing the battery door and swapping the empty battery with the fresh battery.  This is the best replacement for original battery pack!

Another notable standard replacement battery is the Blackberry Curve replacement battery. You can now double up on battery life at an affordable price with this product. This top-quality battery is guaranteed to work just like the factory originals as it provides the standard battery capacity.  The Blackberry Curve standard battery works great as a replacement or back-up for long trips or an extended talk-time with friends and family. This spare battery is also memory-effect-free. Lastly, this lithium-ion battery fits into original desktop chargers and holsters.

If you are a “power user” who wants to avoid the hassle of carrying a spare battery but rigorously utilizes the web, media, email and voice capabilities of your phone, I would recommend an extended battery.  The Seidio BlackBerry Bold 9700 Innocell Extended Battery with Door is a 2700mAh extended battery.  This battery nearly doubles the battery capacity of the standard battery (2700 mAh vs 1400 mAh,)  The  trade off is that the battery increases the thickness of your phone by 3-4mm.  However, those who demand all-day performance from their phones under heavy usage can easily overlook the added bulk.

Well, Geeks. Next time, your phone battery is beeping low, do not be alarmed. Smile and tell whoever you are speaking to “hold on one second” while you change your battery. Go ahead and access media content such as movies, games, streaming video, music and web browsing to your heart’s content. Be free of being at the mercy of power outlet availability.  I will see you next time Geeks.